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Have you or do you eat an entire pint of ice cream?

I'm just wondering if this is normal or not..
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Yes, actually, but usually frozen yogurt for me or a soy based ice cream when that was available.  But I have done it.  I don't, however, recommend it.  I suffer from an anxiety disorder that because I couldn't fix it and medication made it unfixable, I lost the ability to do most of the things I most love to do.  But really, nobody should eat anything with sugar in it.  I mean, nobody did for most of human history.  It's poison.  But it tastes really good.  Dairy isn't human food either other than mother's milk until weaning, and again, no human consumed it for most of human history.  So if you're asking have I, yeah.  Should I?  No.  Shouldn't have a spoonful of it.  So if you make a compromise and say complete austerity goes too far, then have some sometimes, but not that much and not often.  But yeah, it's unfortunately normal.
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