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Help Losing Weight

I need help losing weight. I have acne and I'm sure that the cause is to much fat in my diet. I have tried eating less and I only lost half a pound. Its hard for me to do physical activity without trouble breathing, or whatever body part I'm using to have major discomfort. Help!
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Your weight is above the 95th percentile for your age. You stated you have difficulty breathing. Are you on medications for it? If yes, those medications usually increase weight. You need appropriately 1800-2000 calories daily. Increase your physical activity, and walking is the easiest form of exercise. Try to walk for 30 minutes daily, slowly at first. Eat low fat meats (chicken, fish, loin of pork) or non-meat sources (soy products, nuts), low fat vegetarian combinations (rice & beans, pasta & beans, low fat cheese & pasta), low fat and substitute dairy products (1% milk, low fat/fat free yogurts, low fat soy milk/soy yogurt), use plant oils, non trans-fat margarines, and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Eat daily high fiber breads and cereals (oatmeal) and limit ‘junk’ foods. Portion control is important and here some general tips = ½ cup for all starches and vegetables; one piece of fruit or ½ cup of small fruits; 1 cup for low fat dairy products, and only 3oz of low fat meat or protein substitution a meal (only 6ozs total a day).  Limit time in front of the TV/DVD/computer or non-active-video games. There have been studies showing the longer the length of time a child sit in front of the TV, the greater the weight gain. Help cook simple healthy foods so you learns how to eat right. Make everything fun so you will enjoy living healthy. Hoped this helped you.
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