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Is it okay to use honey instead of suggar, in tea for example? How many calories is in one little spoon of honey and is it okay to consume it while dieting? :)
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Calories are irrelevant almost to dieting.  How quickly you metabolize food into sugar and whether you burn it off or not is much more important.  Digestion is also more important.  Keeping things moving is the key.  Dieting isn't really a way to lose weight, changing one's eating habits permanently is.  so your question is hard to answer even though it appears simple.  A little bit of honey isn't going to hurt anyone,  but it won't help anyone, either, unless you need some quick energy or are fighting allergies.  So sure, some sugar, some honey, is fine, but the real question is, have you changed your eating habits to something you're going to stick with, or are you just doing something for a short time and then are going right back to what got you here?
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That's fine male sure it's pure and natural then it's definitely better than table sugar.
I use Natvia (stevia) it's great!
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