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High b12 level

I have a high b12 level 1400. I was terrified when I read on the Internet on disease associated with this. My blood tests and liver functions are all ok. What could be the reason I have high b12? Does this put at risk of contracting types of cancer? What should I do to take care of my health?
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I assume you know this because you got a blood test from a doctor.  Did you ask the doctor about this?  And what are your folic acid and B6 levels -- these three B vitamins are in balance with one another, and high levels of one usually will cause imbalances in the others.  And what do you eat -- seaweed, for example, eaten in excess can give you a lot of B12.  So can other seafood.  So can fresh water algae such as spirulina.  Are you eating something a lot that might contain a lot of B12?  But first thing is, talk to your doc.
Oh, and get another blood test -- sometimes we get a blood test that shows a high or low level of something, but levels can vary greatly at time of day, time of year, time of month, etc.  It takes more than one blood test to truly know if you have a chronic problem or a one-time thing that is of no concern.
Thank you for answering
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