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High prothrombin time 18.4 n high INR 1.45

Any special diet or treatment to control pt n inr. My sgpt is
Also slightly elevated to 58.
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First, what did your doctor say the cause was?  Without knowing the cause, it's hard for us amateurs to recommend anything.  What you're said indicates a potential liver problem, and there are many natural substances that are protective of the liver.  There are foods that are better for the liver than others.  There are ways to aid the liver in cleansing itself of toxic substances it might be holding onto, as it does this with fat soluble substances that it recognizes as toxic.  But you need a diagnosis of what's wrong to know, first, if anything is wrong or if this is just an anomaly and the next test will be normal, and to know what's going on so you can respond to it.  What you're indicating are possible problems, not actual problems.  Are you ill?  And again, what did your doctor do?  Are you seeing a specialist?  Etc.

Hi friend I was n alcoholic  I had an episode of fewer chills vomiting n diarea and after the sonography revealed coarse echotecture with mild hepatomegely noted with mild edemetous echopattern .My sgpt sgot n alkaline phosphate was 450.ggt was 69.but after treatment all was normal but after 8 months sgpt is higher to 58 n prothrombin time is18.4 second n INR is 1.45 ...N prothrombin ratio is 1.40...Any medicine to recover or diet to control pt n inr....N specify how serious this is.
I'm not sure from a specific perspective it's possible to help you with this.  You're citing a measure that has to do with blood clotting.  Did anyone say anything to you about your Vitamin K levels?  This is the vitamin that regulates blood clotting and is one of the reasons for this test.  It's used for people who take meds for blood clotting problems, such as warfarin.  The problem with helping you is, there are general liver problems and protective measures which might be appropriate for a former alcoholic, but some of these are also blood thinners, and again, that's what you're talking about.  There are cleansers, but you don't want to cleanse if you're on any medication or about to be on medication because your docs believe you to have a blood clotting problem -- we have no idea whether they do or not, this is just one test.  For example, milk thistle and mild thistle based formulas are used to help detoxify the liver, but it can also affect the liver's ability to hold onto meds, as they're all toxic as far as the liver is concerned, some more than others.  There are a host of herbs that protect the liver, such as yellowdock, burdock, dandelion root, and more, usually used for skin problems but also liver protective.  There are herbs that help the liver do its fat digestion thing as well as protecting its partner in this, the gallbladder, such as artichoke.  One of the most liver protective herbs is turmeric, but it's a blood thinner so it's out given your tests.  Something that will probably be good to use but not harmful is the supplement alpha lipoic acid, which is very good for the liver.  The most important liver antioxidant is glutathione, but you can't supplement directly with it because it isn't absorbed well.  You usually get it by using something like wheat grass, which will give you a significant amount of it in food.  So yeah, there's a lot you can do to protect your liver actively along with the negative protection, which is not putting anything into your system that doesn't need to be there that adversely affects the liver, such as alcohol or the wrong kind of fat, which it will have to work to deal with.  But before you can do any of this, you need to figure out what's going on, because if you have a blood clotting problem or an immediate liver problem, you might need to use medication and again, you don't want to flush it out.  So first, work with your docs to figure out if you have any true problems here, you might not, and then if you don't need any medical treatment but are just told to watch, wait, and see, then it's time to eat better, make lifestyle changes, and see a naturopath or herbalist or read up on herbs and supplements that are liver protective to help healing there.  
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