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How to Kick Mountain Dew Habit

So, I drink on average 1.5 cans of Mountain Dew each day. (I say 1.5 because it seems I never finish a whole can.) I'd love to quit this habit. I'm not sure if it's the sugar, caffeine, carbonation or flavor that has me hooked. It just seems to make my meal...better. It's almost as if I am fine eating less as long as I can sip a Mountain Dew with it. (This sounds absolutely absurd now that I'm typing it). I'm a 36 year old 120 pound female in good shape. Any advice or recommendations??
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I guess the issue is, how many other bad eating habits do you have?  Nobody has to be perfect.  If this is your only vice, you're still doing better than the rest of us.  If this is one of many eating vices, then you have a problem.  From a health standpoint, diet is actually less healthy than the sugary stuff as long as you don't, again, have a lot of other eating vices.  For example, if this is the only dessert you eat all day, you've got the rest of us beat.  Too bad it's soda, though -- bad for the bones.  Really bad for women.  It's not just the sugar.  If you really want to quit, of course, you just stop drinking it.  You start by drinking less or by substituting something else you like too, such as sparkling water with a lemon squeezed into it.  
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