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How to lose weight while working out at the gym

Hello. . . I have a question. I have been going to the gym for about a month now and I have also been watching what I eat extremely well. I have not lost any weight at all so far and I am wondering as to why this is. I go to the gym every day. I usuallywalk about 2 miles (sometimes I will run for just a few minutes, it is more walking) and then I will use weight machines (abs, arms, and legs). I am just wondering if this has happened to anyone else or if anyone knows why this could be??
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I personally believe weight training is a great way to keep in shape and lose weight.  Studies show that lifting weights will result in an increase in metabolism and while you will stop burning calories as soon as you are done with cardio, upon stopping lifting weights, you will continue to burn calories!  Now, I'm weight training can be 5  pound dumb bells.  It doesn't have to be hardcore.

I've known very few woman that have put on much true muscle mass from weight training as our bodies work against us.  I don't like huge muscles on women but I like toned muscles.  (same for men too!)

Look into interval training.  This is suppose to be a great way to maximize your workout.  It is a mix of cardio and weight lifting with maybe 3 to 4 min of cardio followed by 3 to 4 minutes  of weight training (I'd do different groups of muscles during each weight training portion).

But above is good too------  you do have to get the heart rate up to actually start burning calories.  I just have found weight lifting to be really beneficial as well.  good luck and stick with it,
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you are using a lot of weight training, it doesn't make you lose weight fast, you should go for cardio exercise, weight training make the muscle bigger and intense, i would suggest using treadmill or bicycle for increase the heart rate to 60 - 80% maximum heart rate.if you try this advice, you will see the result after a week. good luck :)
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Ashley,  I joined a gym (YMCA) and it made me pack on the pounds,  last year.  Interestingly,  my brother had the same exact experience.  He was also working out at at gym and he lost his attractive physique.

I am a healthy,  slim weight to begin with.  But I joined the gym to firm up and feel better with more energy,  and more muscle definition.  

Let me tell you,  I looked like hell after going to that gym 4x weekly.  I looked like a big ugly thick  brick.  

I stopped going,  but continued just simply living life every day,   and I got my attractive healthy female form back.  Bizarre,  while trying so hard to work out and be healthy I began to look like a thick troll.  

I think this happens to certain body types.  If you started with a pretty female form,  it might just be that over exercising and excess weight lifting ruins your pretty shape.

I won't ever join a gym again. I move my body every day - doing lawn work,  hauling stuff up and down stairs,  volunteering at the shelter and taking these really really strong dogs for walks,  I get a good natural workout.    Thank God I lost all the ugly muscle mass I picked up at the Y,  and I will never do that again.

I think different exercises are good for different people.  

Best wishes.

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In all honesty you may not be doing enough... or you aren't eating enough calories.

There are a lot of calculators online to find out, for your specific age/weight/and height, how much calories you should be eating a day in addition to your exercise.

If you are walking a mile or 2 everyday... that is like.. maintaining your weight. You have to create a burn on your fat and keep your heart rate up. I also would recommend not using the exercise machines for your strength training. Ask someone to show you how to use the free weights - it is WAY too easy to use the machines incorrectly and either not get any benefit or actually injure yourself.

Also, if you do not want to have a high impact exercise like running on the treadmill you can use the elliptical or the stair climber and increase the resistance.

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