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How to lower glucose? I bodybuild

Hi, I just had a blood chemistry test which turned out pretty good overall, except for 2 things. My glucose level is currently 96 which id very close to the limit of 99. Here's my overall diet for the day(I eat about 5 or 6 times a day):

Meal 1 : oat cereal which has 4g of sugar within each portion, mixed with low fat and lactose-free milk
Meal 2: 5 egg whites and 1 yolk cooked with some turkey breast, 3 slices of whole-grain bread
Meal 3: 200 - 250g of lean meat/fish/chicken with 200g of white rice/potatoes/beans, lettuce and some other veggies. And an apple
Meal 4: protein shake (24g of protein per serving very low on fat and sugar, like 2 g on each side or less)
2 hour workout including heavy liftweighting and sometimes cardio, I'm trying to bulk up so it's very occasional. I eat a banana right afterwards
Meal 5: Same as Meal 3 but without the apple
Meal 6: Another protein shake right before going to bed and a few nuts

The last month I was drinking some creatine in between workouts which had about 14 g of sugars, maybe this is the cause of the spike?
Also I was wondering if having a level of 96 would be considered dangerous or if I should actually try to lower it, maybe it's just fine and it's not necessary, diabetes is not amongst my family but I find it weird that I have a little high glucose level, I workout 6 days a week, eat properly, am I missing something?, I'm a little worried the levels rise a bit more if I keep eating like this and cause some problems, I'm an axious person too... I don't drink or smoke and drink plenty of water during the day. What are your thoughts?? thanks a lot in advance
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You may have eaten a few hours before the blood test which may have increased the glucose, however, that number is normal.
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