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I Wake up very hungry

I have been waking up crazy hungry in the morning. Like I never ate anything the day before. I am usually not hungry first thing in the morning. The only think I can think off that is different is 2 weeks ago I cut down on my pop intake. I have not really changed my eating habits.
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You should be hungry in the morning... your body has gone 8+ hours without any calories. To keep our metabolism running as a calorie burning machine you should be eating every 2-3 hours.

However, be careful what you DO eat in the morning because if you have an office job or something like this too many calories when you're just going to be sitting around can make you feel sluggish.

Have some oatmeal/egg whites... makes me feel full :-)
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Thanks. I just cannot figure out why I am so sickly hungry in the morning so suddenly. Its awful because it wakes me right out of a sleep.
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If you are working out regularly your body is requiring more calories. If you do not eat more your body will burn that hard worked for muscle versus the fat you want to get rid of.

Chances are good you are not eating right if your hunger is such that it is worrying you. if you are new to exercise that is one thing.. you will get used to it and figure out a meal schedule that works for you :-)
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