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I am underweight will it ever change, am I ok?

I wasnt sure what Topic to post under, nothing seem to really fit. I am a 26 year old Female, 5'10" and weigh about 99lbs. I have researched online the average weight and I am in the 2% area of the underweight average, average being 50%. Since I can remember I have always been thin. Growing up I was just teased a lot and blew it off, most of the time. The older I get the more harmful peoples comments are. People dont understand that being skinny can be just as humilating as being overweight. I eat 3 meals a day with snacks in between, I always seem hungry. I try to consume a large amount of food at one time, but I cant, if I over eat it makes me uncomfortable so I am constantly picking at something. It never seemed to be a problem to me until my last vist at the OBGYN, she asked me if I had ever been managed for an eating disorder, and it cought my attention. At first I was upset and then she said maybe a Thyroid issue. My reg. doctor has never said anything to me and I have had blood work done within the last two years. I have healthy hair, skin/color and nails. I tend to be a little hyper, I am constantly moving, shaking or bitting my nails ( I know horrible). I dont workout, never really have. I do take the stairs at work all day, back in forth from departments. I am just so mortified everytime I hear some one say oh shes to skinny, she needs to eat, I do! Any suggestions on how I can become closer to average weight?

Thank you
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i know EXACTLY how you feel!  I don't think I have it quite as bad as you, i'm 5'3 and 95lbs, but your story is just like mine!  I've always been skinny but I worked in ice cream stores throughout highschool, so my weight was usually 108 then, and I was happy with it.  But when I graduated I started working for HEALTH NUTS - my parents, nutritionists!  So all day at work I wouldn't eat anything or only a little bit of healthy stuff (I hated healthy food until about a month ago for some reason i'm going crazy for my fruits & veggies lol), and I too run up and down stairs all day.  So my weight went down to 95 not too long after working there, and for a few months I was so mad and tried hard as I could to gain the weight.  I just kept eating ALL day and was FULL the whole time.  Fatty foods, junk foods, and carbs in, fruits, veggies, & grains OUT.  Well I did slowly get my weight back up to about 105 but my body didn't feel good from the lack of nutrition, and I couldn't maintain it for long.  So I couldn't handle the constant gut-rot from all the bad foods I was eating, and I finally just decided to accept my new lower weight.  SO what I learned is, it is possible to gain weight - you just have to be stuffed constantly, but I don't think it's worth it.  But obviously you don't want me to tell you just live with it, so I might also suggest searching online for "appetite enhancers" or something.  I know there are supplements available that greatly enhance your appetite, although the method is still to just gorge yourself, you'll just want to more.  
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i am 25, almost 26.  I have been skinny all my life. I am 5'5 and weigh 108lbs.  For some reason I look skinner than that.  I met people who are my same height and weight and they look much better than me.  I dont understand it.  I eat alot. All day long I am snacking, and I eat 3-4 full meals a day.  I have tried several weight gain shakes, and protein drinks, and NOTHING.  I was even told after having a baby I would gain weight and keep it on.  But I only gained weight in my stomach, and RIGHT after I had the baby, the weight was gone.  I feel hopeless, and ashamed.  I cant go any where without comments, and people whispering behind my back.  I cant even go to the bathroom after I eat, because Im scared people will think I am bulemic...I had my doctors run every blood test possible and everything comes back normal.  Its just not right!!  :(
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hey there is a product called the ultimate meal look that up it is a great supplent to add weight it has nothing bad in it just very good food and protien made into a supplement.
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i am underweight and have been since my stepfather passed away from cancer about 5 months ago. i am obsessed with runnning because it is the only time all day when i can relax and be worry free. i also watch what i eat and am sort of a health freak but i just am afraid of cancer and  diabetes and everything else. i am 95 to 100lbs and my mom doesn't understand why i just won't stop working out and eat cookies... like that will fix my emotions. she keeps telling me that i could get a heart attack, but my weight isn't that low so i blow her off, but at the same time i don't want to cause any real internal damage. ahhh i don't know what to do!
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i know exactly how u feel. i am 23 5.5 and weigh 105 pounds. i have always been underweight. i thought the comments would go away once i got older but too have found out it gets a lot worse, i even had someone tell me to these exact words "everytime i see you i feel the need to give you a sandwich". i also feel anxious about goig to the bathroom after eating because i know what people are thinking. ( that i'm gonna throw it all up) it's begining to get me really down and have noticed the more i stress about trying to put on weight the easier i lose it. (it's not fair) i eat really healthy plus junk. i tried having 3000 calories day but that didnt work. i did this for nearly a year, i now have just over 2000 calories a day. was costing me too much money getting all the food cos i work 11 hour a day shifts so find it hard to find the time to fit in all the calories. my skin and hair look really healthy but i know i am very thin. ( i hate the word skinny) it just upsets me cos u wouldnt get someone going over to an overweight person and saying everytime i see you i feel the need to take your food away. have tried and am still on the nutri powder drinks but to no avail. are their any other remedies or tabs to slow your metabolism down. would much appreciate your feedback. lisa x x x x
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It does not matter if you are under weight or over weight, you will be told or asked.

You eat too much. Are you sure you are not eating more than you say? Do you secretley eat? You need to excercise more, less calories, less weight...

Are you eating? Do you have an eating disorder? Stop excercising. Eat more calories.

You are darned if you are either one of them, you will be given a complex, you can argue all you want with your doctor, they will not believe you anyway...
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I'm 5'8" 110 but my arms and legs are EXTREMELY thin. my problems started in my teen years (fatigue, memory problems, joint problems, general weakness) and now I'm 24 and it's been slowly getting worse. this can't be right. it's like my joints are becoming more and more hypermobile and weak and the muscles around my joints are wasting away... DOES ANYONE have any idea what can cause something like this? I'm sick of doctors. I wouldn't even bother going to a doctor anymore for this if it weren't for strangers who make comments and make me think I have medical problem. just today a neighbor of mine said she seen me slouched over a chair on my front pouch with my mouth open wide... she said she thought I had a stroke. and I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT SHE'S TALKING ABOUT! it's like... after going so long w/ out any answers I'm forced to ignore it so I can live my life... but they make it nearly impossible for me to do this. I know there's got to be something out there that explains my situation, and I need an answer soon. I can't live like this.
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