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I get really tired when I eat

I find myself getting really tired sometimes when I eat, I just feel horribly drained and can barely keep my eyes open, most times I can't fight it and end up taking a nap. It's getting to the point where some days I'm in bed more than I'm awake, which I know is obviously not good for me. I find it usually happens when I eat pasta or soup with crackers, so I'm guessing it's sugar/carbs related. I can't afford to cut these things out of my diet as I'm on unemployment right now and can barely afford pastas and soups as it is, I'd love to be able to eat lots of vegatables but I can't afford them and they don't last long enough even if I could. Is there anything I can do to stop this from happening? It's getting to the point where I have to choose to either be starving all day or exausted all day.

Does anyone have any tips they can lend me?

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the chemical digestion carbs takes a lot of water - you'll gret dehydrated if you have not taken in enough water before (or during?) eating. Dyhydration can make you feel drained and tired and sleepy. Also review you diet for balance - a big carby meal can make you sleepy anyway. just thoughts.
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I know how you feel. I often get really tired and really really
irritable as well after I have eaten, especially if I have eaten
sugary cereal or other carby food. So you are not alone. I find that eating fruit never makes me feel tired, so this is a safe thing to eat. I know it can cost a lot to just buy vegetables (as His Highness said)but fruit can be quite cheap. Fruit, vegetables and lots of water through the day are definitely the way forward.
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Have you had your sugar levels checked? I am a diabetic and I have the same thing after I eat much of the time.  I tend to spike up and rapidly drop on my sugar levels. It is worse after carb meanls for sure but sometimes it is any meal.  I have had specialists tell me that isn't happening but I know it does cause I have tested my sugar every minute after eating for the first 10 min then every 5-10 after that for about an hour then just to see what was happening with it.  It will never get real high but it can go from almost 200 to 59 in 10 min or less then it starts coming back up and stabalizing.  I often am forced to bed after eating high carb meals too because of the spikes.  I don't know if I am going to sleep or passing out butI generally wake back up half an hour or so later.
So it might be benificial to get your sugar tested or monitor it. I know after meals it should rise but it shouldnt rise and fall that fast and if that is what is going on with you too it could be dangerous just like it is with me. Let me know if you find anyone that finds it and can help if it is that.  ***@****
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i get really tired after i eat and i am always thirsty...i am drinking all the time yet i am always thirsty. anyone have a idea is to why?
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You could be diabetic. Get some blood work done
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i felt the same way.. i could barely drag myself up... to do anything.  

try digestive enzymes..  works wonders fro me..im a whoel different person.
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I get so sleepy after I eat immediate or hour later

I get a sore throat but was examined and related it to my neck injury

I have to use laxatives to go to the bathroom if not i get pain in my low back and sleepy until I use the bathroom... my DR prescribes the medication
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You have red flags flying for insulin utilization syndrome. AKA diabeties. Ideally you should have your physian perform an insulin clamp procedure, which is used today in lieu of a glucose tolerance test. Alternatively go to a drugstore and purchase a blood testing meter and test your own blood. It's easy and the meters are inexpensive. Chromium Glucose Tolerance Factor (GTF) from the health food stores and Cinammin will help. A prescription medication such as Metformin may be appropriate. While you don't have a light-and-siren emergency, the high blood sugar will eventually cause bad things to happen, and could eventually lead to blindness. Arrange for a diabetic evaluation within the next 60 days.
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Can you describe what digestive enzymes can do? I have had digestive problems for some time now and am looking to try and be healthier and have more energy. Thanks!
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Hi there! You can have an increase in fibrous foods to aid the flushing out of our body wastes. Tone down your intake of carbonated drinks. Increase your water intake. Exercise and get enough rest.
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I get sleepy after lunch even when I have protein (tuna) coupled with bread and some salad.  I do also eat fruit, but it doesn't really keep me awake.  I am a secretary and I can by typing away and my head will drop to my chin! coz I've gone again!  What can I eat at work instead of carbs to stop me crashing like this?
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I agree with the insulin diabetic comments.  If it is related to eating, you are probably have blood sugar issues.  Carbs will give anyone a drop after a period of time because they are meant for quick energy to be used quickly and they drop quickly unlike energy you get from protein which is why we have "Protein," bars not "Carb" bars.  I'm sure there is a carb bar out there though.  Anyway, if it's making you that tired you need to have your blood sugar tested.  Hyperglycemia and Hypoglycemia come to mind and I forget which causes which but it's all tied in to insulin just like the diabetes.  You can also have hormonal issues which can cause problems in digesting carbs and those tests aren't commonly run since they involve your adrenals, pituitary, thryoid that kind of stuff.
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My husband is diabetic and depending on what he eats he can fall right to sleep. This evening I made mini tacos with beans. It was about a $7.00 dinner and we will have left overs for his lunch tomorrow. He is wide awake tonight. You get flank steak, cook on stove about 5 minutes each side. Season with salt/pepper. Get mini corn tortillas, heat in skillet a few minutes each side. Sautee onion, cilantro, tomatoe. Cut flank steak, put on small tortillas, with tomatoe, onion, cilantro. Open a can of pinto beans, heat, put a little parmasean cheese on top of beans. It's a high protein dinner and delicious. High protein with good carbs is a good dinner.  You can buy a whole cooked chicken at the grocery store and get a few meals out of it.  Make a salad or a vegetable with it, and add a sweet potatoe and you have a great meal.  
There are many foods that are "energy" foods that won't make you so tired.  Eggs and bacon for dinner is another good protein meal.  Have a good piece of whole grain toast.  You can get turkey bacon on sale.  
Alot of grocery stores have buy one get one free so you can do that with bacon, eggs, basically your staples.  You don't have to eat vegetables all the time.  I am also trying to follow my husbands dietary needs (for diabetic) I've lost 20 pounds and it's a lot of protein and good carbs.  It seems like a good plan for anyone.  
Also, if you drink coffee that can make you crash during or at the end of the day. You can get green tea and it has little caffeine and it's amazing that a drink can actually make you feel good.  
Then there is water.  I drink 98 ounces per day.  It helps to be hydrated. It helps energy, pain, concentration.  Also vitamins like B complex, iodine, and  a multi vitamin.

Take care of yourself.
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I get tired, especially in the morning, no matter what I eat and even if I drink something with caffeine in it. Even with a fruit drink I get tired. I can push through it, but I would like to get to the bottom of this if I can.
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You should investigate Candida (feeds off the food you eat, particularly sugar and carbs) and/or hypochlorhydria (low stomach acid). See if drinking fresh lemon juice with water before a meal helps with your digestion. If it does, chances are your stomach isn't producing enough acid, and it wears you down every time you eat. I take Betaine HCl for that and it's a great help. Inexpensive, too. Good luck!
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Look up Adrenal Fatigue.  I have the same issues and it's horrible to get through the day.  I followed the advice I found on Women's Health site and got Ashwagandha & Eleuthero from the Health Food Store and after a week everything was different for me.  It helps process your bodies stress levels better.  Read the site though and it'll explain the right way and all the details.  Don't run out of it though once you start taking it or you'll be back to normal in a week!  The hardest thing to do is start all over again;-very discouraging, especially if you've gotten totally drained again!!!  I'll sleep 1/2 the day depending on what I eat.  It bites but those tabs help you focus and have the drive to do what you need to (eat only what you can even if it's fish and fruits and vegies and nothing else).  Keeps you actualy going to the gym daily (miracle)  & clean out your car too...life doesn't have to be bad because your body hardly like any foods.  Pray and type in the search bar-"adrenal fatigue" and change your life.

God Bless!
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You are probably lacking in protein. Can you afford eggs?
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I eat anything and get super tired except fruit. I have no energy after and I always need to sleep...but then I'll wake up and still be sleepy. I get headaches if I don't eat and feel like i'm going to pass out and if i do eat then I get stomachaches and feel super tired and I'm always thirsty...but I don't drink gallons of everything in my fridge like my ex boyfriend who is diabetic (that's how they knew). I wasn't sure if it was the gluten and try gluten free foods or if it were something else?
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It is too much carbs.
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I become extremly tired after I eat. It's so bad, that I just don't eat until I get home at the end of the day. Sometimes I find that snacking helps. I just eat a small piece of cheese or a cracker, once in awhile. This keeps the hunger at bay and is not enough to make me tired. I've had every test avaible and nothing is wrong with me. Bitter sweet, because I still can't eat during the day or I will fall asleep wherever I am.
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To all of you who get tired after you eat the cause and cure of your whole life's problem is one word.  You can read about these symptoms in Marie Goodwin's book, "The cause and cure of RLS" or you can take sodium out of your diet.  If you don't know how much sodium is in your diet then you have too much.  Sodium will paralyze you, confuse you and make you aggressive. No one product you are eating has a lot of sodium "maybe" , but all of it together is loaded, especially if you are tired after eating.  A high energy diet is what you are looking for.  Fruit, almonds, raw veggies diced up and sprinkled over your meals even over your cooked veggies.  Good luck on feeling better.  I'm 50 and this is your answer, you need not look any further.

Mike in Mississippi
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i fall asleep within 30 mins of eating chocolate,ive mentioned it to my gp but she says its normal, can anyone give me any advice???
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I cannot eat wheat pasta at all, almost sedates me.  I also get horrible heartburn from most wheat products, throw in the yeast breads and omg, its awful....
Best thing to do, avoid the foods that make you feel awful.  Try eating brown rice or beans instead of the pasta and crackers.  They are both inexpensive and are great nutritious fillers.  
Because you are on a tight budget, really plan your meals, I am guessing you already do!  Oddly enough, adding some real nutrient rich fruits and veggies (perhaps a stir fry?) can be more filling and satisfying therefore possibly debunking the I cannot afford to eat healthy myth...Hope this helps, good luck.
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    A lot of doctors assign the word "normal" to the problem of falling asleep after a meal, a better word would be "common". Falling asleep after a regular sized meal is NOT normal.

    This problem, most of the time is a Carbohydrate Metabolism Disorder, best treated with a low carb diet......I know, I have been there.
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