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Is B-12 Deficiency related to depression and anxiety?

I am 21 years old.  I had blood tests done a few months ago as I have been having chronic headaches in the forehead area and nothing has helped.  The tests came out perfectly normal, except my B-12.  I have a level below 100 and I was told that it should be around 500.  What would have caused this deficiency?  I am taking Yasmin and have been trying various anti-anxiety/depressant medications such as Pristiq, Cymbalta, etc. for about a year.  Would the deficiency be causing my anxiety and depression? My doctor had me take a B12 vitamin and a B75 vitamin to help bring up my levels but I have heard that people with such a low B12 need shots to help bring the levels up.  Should I be asking my doctor for B12 shots?  Could the B12 be linked to my headaches, eye aches and anxiety??  (I have a great career and home life and have no reason to be anxious or depressed).  I realize there are alot of different symptoms here but I need some answers because I eat healthy and I excercise and I should not be feeling like **** 24/7.
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Hello Liza~YES. Vitamin B-12 would definitely help you. If you have low levels of that and Folic Acid you will have depression and a host of other symptoms. I give myself B-12 shots and they do work. I asked my doctor to prescribe the "organic, preservative" free ones as the normal ones most folks get really burn and can sometimes cause unwanted side effects, mine have not side effects and do not hurt at all.
I would also add a good, food grade complete B vitamin to your diet, this is needed as a "foundation" for the B-12 and any extra vitamins you may take. I truly feel you will feel a big difference if you do this. Please, ask you doctor about the shots and do them and then let us know how you are feeling.   :-)
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I forgot to  mention, the drugs you are taking all deplete the B vitamins, so you need to supplement more than those that do not take these drugs. It is a known fact that the birth control depletes your body completely of Folic Acid and B-12.
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I also tested positive Vitamin B-12 deficiency, and yes it can cause symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as (for me) attention and memory problems.  As long as I stick to regular supplementation of a high potency B supplement (preferrably food based), a multi-vitamin and eat well my symptoms clear up fairly rapidly and my energy improves.  You can also increase your intake of animal products, as they are good sources of Vitamin B 12.

Good luck!
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I have taken thiamine(B complex) as prescribed by my Dr in the past and it did help.

Also, after a long night of drinking/partying...if you do any of that, it depletes b-12.
Just FYI :).  It doesnt mean youre an alcoholic but I dont think we realize how much it throws off body chemistry.
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