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Is it Just Anorexia, or Something More??

I've had an eating disorder for a while now. I used to starve myself and even when I starved myself I never felt this way. I haven't had the healthiest of diets, I ate only fruit for a period of time, then fruits and veggies, then only nuts, and finally I only eat veggies now while restricting my calories to about at least 200 a day. I'm only eating peasant butter today though. I fear my very very poor eating habits have lead to something else entirely. I'm always thirsty and have constant urination, I'm weak, weaker than I've ever been starving myself and can hardly walk. When I ate the peanut butter my belly started heating up and I had this pain in my stomach and then had horrible horrible diarrhea.  I get these numb tingly sensations in my hands and feet and my hands and fingers tremor.
I get mood swings even though I'm not hungry, I go from angry, to sad, to suicidal, and then just get weak again.
Right now, my mouth is dryer than a desert honestly it's the worst.My migraines make me dilarious, I can't concentrate it's like I'm not even here. I checked my thyroid to see if I had a Graves disease and it looks normal to me, according to the doctor my blood sugar is completely normal so no diabeties. My heart rate is normal even though the first time the nurse measured it, it was 90 bpm then she tried it again and it was normal. I don't know what to think.
Maybe it's just my diet, but I get the feeling there's more to it. And I'm going to go see a stomach doctor later on.
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Of course it's your diet.  You know this.  As you say, you're starving yourself.  Over time, the effects escalate.  You're not getting your electrolytes, so of course you're feeling dehydrated.  This is what anorexia does -- it slowly destroys your body.  People don't starve to death quickly, it's a long, slow death.  What you need is therapy.  And when you've been starving yourself, as when people fast, you can't just go from there to eating a big meal -- you have to work back up to normal eating slowly.  Right now, your metabolism is almost shut down, in starvation mode.  Therapy, therapy, therapy.
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