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Is it okay to eat a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's Ice cream twice a month?

It might be a weird question, but ice cream is my one thing. And nothing hits quite like B@J's. So, if I have an entire pint in one sitting twice a month, will a have a heart attack? (assume my diet includes all the servings of whole grains, vegetables, and fruit and is normally pretty low in saturated fats.)
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I answered this the first time you asked.  Remember that Ben and Jerry's has a pretty high cream content, so it has a lot of fat in addition to the sugar.  The more premium the ice cream, and there many that are far more premium than Ben and Jerry's, the more fat.  And Ben and Jerry's usually adds a lot of other things to the ice cream that are also bad for you.  Now, if you exercise a ton and eat great all the rest of the time, and are a relatively large person (not fat, but just large), then it might be different than if you don't eat all that great and do this.  As for the heart attack, who knows?  Nobody really know what causes them.  There are several suspected causes.  So again, should you?  No.  You shouldn't eat any.  But if it's what you enjoy in life, lots of things we do in life aren't good for us but make life worth living.  Going to work every day doing the same thing day in and day out for long hours sitting in a chair is about as bad a thing as you can do for your health, but most people do it because you can't survive without money.  Life is full of uncertainty and risk.  But you would reduce your risk of all sorts of problems if you don't do that.  Nobody is going to tell you this is a wise thing to do.  And nobody is going to tell you how to run your life, and if you have a really strong system, it probably won't harm you, and if you don't, it probably will, and you won't know if you do or don't until you're old.
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