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Is there a pre-Dialysis Diet to slow the progression of renal kidney failure?

I'm beginning to experience Renal Kidney Failure and will have to begin dialysis in the future.  I am currently at 20% and will need to begin dialysis when my system reaches 15%.

    Are there any diets and/or foods I can add or avoid to slow down the progression of the renal kidney failure?

    I would also like to know if increasing my daily exercise regiment would be of benefit.

    I am 86 and would definitely review any suggestions with my health care provider before launching into new exercise or diet areas.
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You'll need to get on what's called a 'Renal Diet'. You'll have to avoid any food high in potassium, as the kidneys are responsible for ridding the body of excess potassium, which is a crucial electrolyte responsible for proper heart functioning. Renal patients also aren't able to get rid of extra salt, so need to limit that.

Here's a site that explains the basics. A dietician could help with planning.

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Also limit the amount of protein in the diet, it is harmful to the kidneys. Some research indicates phosporus is harmful to the kidneys. Try to see a dietician that specializes in kidney disease.
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patient is on dialysis
49 years
height 169 cms
weight:60 kgs
advised for
2000 cal, 100 gm protein,reyls tube NG tube
please plan a diet plan , indain context
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Not eating excessive Protein will help delay the next stage of kidney failure. Talking to a dietitian about how much Protein you can have is wise as well as learning about your levels so you know if you already have to limit other things such as Phosphorus and Potassium. It is wise to read up on what foods and drinks are high in these things but do not do anything you see online without consulting your Nephrologist (Kidney Doctor) or at least you Urologist. Family doctors don't always know specifics of what to do with kidney disease. Reading online will guide you to know what questions to ask. The reason why you need to limit Protein is because Protein is hard on a weak or failing kidney. But there have been studies that have said that you don't need to go with low Protein in some cases but just not eat excessive Protein. This is why it is important to seek the attention of your Nephrologist as soon as you can or at least a Renal Dietitian.
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