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Is there anything wrong with this?

Some background information,

Right now I am taking Opti-men multivitamins three times a day (Monday through Sunday), along with fish oil three times a day. On every other day(M,W,F) I work out, and take Natures Best Isopure zero carb protein along with beta alanine. Occasionally when I'm not feeling energized I'll take supplements called Anadraulic State, and Anadraulic Pump, before lifting weights.

My main question is, I noticed that my Isopure and Opti-Men have a lot of the same vitamins. Is it safe to take these together? Or should I not take the multivitamins on the days I work out?

Also, do the ingredients in the two Anadraulic products look safe to comsume?


This is the nutrional label for the isopure...

This is for the Opti-Men...

This is for the Anadraulic State...

This is for the Anadraulic Pump...
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It is recommended to take only once a day multi-vitamins/mineral supplements, such as the Opti-Men supplement. The Opti-men supplementation’s % of vitamins and minerals are excessively above the recommended dose of 100% daily. In addition the Isopure has high levels of potassium. Suggest your protein, and vitamins/minerals come from food sources; reduce the Opti-men to once a day or switch to another multi-vitamin that provides only the recommended dose of 100%; and not consume Isopure.  Mega-doses of vitamins/minerals will eventually cause medical issues due to toxicity. Suggest using 100% fruit juices or Gatorade instead of the expense Anadraulic supplements. Thank you for your question.
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