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Kidney stones

I live with kidney stones and have been for years. Does anyone know what is good to eat to help prevent stones? All I can find online are foods that I can't eat.
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Vitamin A (not betacarotene) promotes healthy functioning of the urinary tract, if you're deficient in it sometimes kidney stones can form.
You’ll find vitamin A in most good general multiple vitamin and mineral supple-
ments. Magnesium helps the body dissolve calcium if you’re deficient in this mineral it can cause calcium to accumulate into deposits, which
increases your risk of forming kidney stones. Harvard researchers found
that taking magnesium along with vitamin B6 can reduce calcium oxalate stone formation.
Vegetarian tend to form fewer calcium oxalate kidney stones than meat eaters. I'm not saying to become a vegetarian.  increase fiber sources in your diet, like root vegetables, and cut back on how much meat you eat.
Sugar and salt can also increase both calcium and oxalate in the urine.
The less common type are uric acid kidney stones. As with the calcium
oxalate, cutting back your intake of animal protein while increasing
bulk and fiber in your diet can help prevent them from forming.
Drinking fruit juice or drinks sweetened with high fructose corn syrup isn't good.
limit your intake of meat, sugar, salt, and fruit juice, increase dietary fiber, and supplement with 10,000 units of vitamin A, 300 milligrams of magnesium citrate, and 100 milligrams of vitamin B6 every day. if you take three or more grams of vitamin C each day, have your doctor measure your urniary oxalate.
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Be careful with Vitamin A -- too much is liver toxic.  So take care with this vitamin.  Doesn't mean don't take it, just means be careful.  Also, do you supplement calcium?  Do you take a cheap or drug store multivitamin?  Do you consume a lot of dairy?  I ask, because dairy is very high in calcium but low in magnesium, which can cause a leaching out of magnesium.  Green leafy vegetables are the main food source for balanced calcium and magnesium.  The other reason I ask is that most supplements contain forms of calcium that are not well absorbed and thus can end up stored where you don't want it.  Most supplements get the calcium from things we don't eat, such as bones and rocks.  So that's a possibility.  There are also herbal preparations that can help with this problem.  Herb Pharm makes some good urinary tract formulas and many good herbal companies make gravel root based preparations that can help remove kidney stones.  Something for you to investigate.
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The type of kidney stones I have are calcium oxalate. I am taking calcium supplements. I don't drink milk because it upsets my stomach.
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What calcium supplements are you taking?  Meaning, what form is the calcium in?  And if you are just taking calcium and not half as much magnesium, you're leaching out your magnesium.  
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My urologist told me to take 2 tums
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Tums is exactly the kind of calcium that the body can't absorb.  Avoid them.  Look for citrate or taureate, as examples of better absorbed forms.
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Calcium supplements may increase the risk of calcium oxalate stones if they are not taken with food so if your urologist advised you to take calcium supplements make sure that you do take them with food.

Vitamin D enables calcium to be absorbed into the body.  If you have a good healthy and well balanced diet and go out into the sunshine, you will not need extra Vitamin D supplementation.  Your doctor or urologist should advise you on that.  This is one vitamin (well apparently it is a hormone) that is stored in the body and too much can cause adverse health problems.
Some of the oxalate in urine is made by the body and eating certain foods with high levels of oxalate can increase the amount of oxalate in the urine, where it combines with calcium to form calcium oxalate stones.

Foods that have been shown to increase the amount of oxalate in urine include spinach, rhubarb, nuts and wheat bran.  

Avoiding these foods may help reduce the amount of oxalate in the urine.
You can eat anything you like, but just avoid or restrict your intake of the foods that have high levels of oxalate.  Have a healthy and well balanced diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and cut down on processed and junk foods.

When I had my calcium oxalate stone, I was told to avoid all dairy, beetroots and strawberries.  I love strawberries, and I am not a lover of cheese or milk.  I believe that now the thinking is different with regard to eating calcium foods.

If you are not able to drink normal milk, have you tried soya, almond or coconut milk?

I was informed that drinking freshly squeezed lemon juice with water will also help to dissolve any oxalate stones that may be forming.  

As you have had/still have calcium oxalate stones, your risk of getting more kidney stones is much increased.  Avoid the foods mentioned and browse the web for more information on oxalate rich foods that you should avoid or eat less of.  It is also very important to always stay well hydrated.  Your urologist may have advised you to drink 2 litres of fluids (4 pints) during the day, more if you are doing exercises that make you sweat or perspiring in hot weather.

With drinking lots, hopefully your kidney stones will pass on their own.  Kidney stones can be as small as a grain of sand, but when they move, they can cause extreme pain, sickness diarrhea, fever and infections.  Be aware of any symptoms of urinary infections (pain or blood in urinating, pain in your kidney area, bladder, cloudy, dark or smelly urine) so that you can get your urine analysed and given the appropriate antibiotic if required.

Formation of kidney stones is increased when the body is dehydrated.  Some stones form from lots of kidney infections and cysteine stones are hereditary.  So do make sure that you never get dehydrated and drink plenty of water.  I also read that lemonade and orange juice that contains citrate also helps to dissolve stones - I have not checked this out on myself, but I did notice that since drinking water with fresh lemon juice, I have been fine even after I passed a lot of sediment which meant that a stone did not form.

You may find information with regard to kidneys stones on the website below very useful.

Best wishes.
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There are many dietary adjustments you can make to improve kidney function. Aside from cutting back on the salt and drinking plenty of water, specific foods will also help and even restore Kidney functions. If you want to get more info on Kidney Diet, with some free tips, it's worth checking out this site. http://tinyurl.com/k6zf7h7
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I copied and pasted the http address, but it does not work.
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Try taking Turmeric dietary supplement tablets. Heard it dissolves kidney stones but I'm not 100% sure. I take these tablets to eliminate air & inflammation. They are 100% natural. Wouldn't hurt to try them out.

-supports healthy inflammation response
-efficient antioxidant
-curcuminoids are protected with enteric coating
-immune support

Turmeric contains one of nature's best kept secrets - Curcuminoids, a specialized group of antioxidants known to support healthy inflammation results. youtheory's Turmeric is carefully sourced with the highest level of curcumin available and enhanced with a patented Black Pepper extract that substantially increasesthe bioavailability of our ingredients. Enteric coating protects the Curcuminoids from degradation in the stomach acids. Naturally provide your body with beauty and wellness.
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The brand mentioned isn't any better than other brands and isn't the highest level of circumin available, nor is that necessarily a good thing -- that's just turning an herb more and more into something that looks like an isolated pharmaceutical product.  Turmeric is mostly involved with the liver and as an anti-inflammatory.  I don't know this, but the above may be an advertisement to sell a product, as it's puffing something.  There are many good brands of standardized turmeric, but I don't know if the one mentioned is one of them, but I don't think it is the best thing for kidney stones at any rate.
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