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Krill Oil Allergy

I am curious about symptoms of Krill Oil allergy. I have no known previous history of allergy to shell fish or any food for that matter but I have not been tested. I have taken Krill Oil consistently to treat ADHD, Depression, and Anxiety. What is triggering my curiosity relates to the following - I have a strange skin condition on my arm I have developed over the last 3-4 years which seems to come in go whereby I have these white patches that appear all over my arms, more on my left than right. I have noticed that when I stop taking krill oil is significantly reduces the symptoms of this condition. What I would like to know is;

1) Has anyone ever had a similar reaction?
2) If I am allergic to krill oil does this automatically mean I am allergic to fish oil?
3) I have a bad cholesterol ration of HDL (44) to LDL (117) despite being very fit and exercising often. Obviously poor diet habits are causing this but I wonder if Krill Oil is linked is some way amplifying the problem?  

To be honest I have had a general feeling of unwellness for some years including low energy, depression/anxiety/ melancholy, poor immune system. I have searched high and wide for physiological problems including testing my blood and thyriod etc but have found no conclusive answers. FYI I have taken a multiviatmin and krill oil consistently for the last 4-5 years...

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I don't know if the connection is there, but keep in mind until someone got the horrible idea of killing krill, on which the most endangered ocean species depend, so we can have another source of omega 3 oils, people have never consumed them.  So who knows what sensitivities might be out there?  Fish oil is pretty much as good, and maybe even better for DHA, so you should be fine using fish oil if you feel the krill oil is affecting you adversely.  Just make sure you buy a clean source -- one good thing about krill oil is that krill don't live in waters we've polluted as much as other sources of fish oil, but there are companies that are very careful, such as Nordic Naturals.  As to your general health, don't know about that either, but krill oil should only help your cholesterol.  It's not how much cholesterol you have, it's what kind, and fish and krill oil provide the beneficial kind.  You might also not be eating enough sources of HDL, but you can just increase your fish oil or krill oil or hemp seed oil or flax seed oil -- there are other sources of omega 3 oils, though only fish that eat seaweed have a good level of DHA.
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Thanks Paxiled, that is interesting feedback
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