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L-Lysine ointment

I have a sore on my tongue that's been there awhile.  The ear nose & throat doctor said it is irritation & hard to heal.  I'm taking Lysine tablets 500 mg 3xs daily.  Just started .I have seen L-Lysine ointment by basic organics.  People use it for core sores & ulcers on the inside of lip.  Would it be safe to dab a small amount on my tongue to help battle this condition faster.  It is painful & very frustrating.  HELP  Thanks
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Hi there,

I'd be careful using L-Lysine ointment on your tongue. It's meant for sores
and ulcers. How long have you had the sore on your tongue? Is the sore
on top of your tongue or underneath your tongue? Just wondering. Eve
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It's been there about 4 months.  I had to have a tooth pulled in the very back which couldn't be repair with root canal. It was cracked in 4 places.     I think it threw of my bite off,   It's on the side of my tongue.  Good news though, since I've been using the lysine pills its far less painful.  I actually this it will go away.  lysinesore
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Hi there,

Glad to hear your tongue is getting better. Eve
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Lysine is usually only used for cold sores, which is a virus, for it's anti-viral effects.  I don't know of it having any healing properties for what sounds like essentially a cut.  You might try some aloe vera on it, as it's palatable and won't irritate anything.  
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