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Lightheaded after some meals

38, healthy (as far as I know...was tested for diabetes 2 years ago and was negative), exercise regularly, but pretty sedentary due to a sit down job when not exercising.  BP is pretty good.  Sometimes it creeps up around 135/85.    I probably am about 15 -16% body fat right now (I'm not fat or even chubby but not stick thin).  Anyway all my life I can eat whatever with no problems!   Lately I seem to be getting light headed after certain meals.  I think it's happening (or just worse) when I eat carbs.  It seems if I just eat chicken, for example, I'll be fine.  But I'm not sure there's a correlation...sample size is too small to make any assertions.  But I've eaten carbs all my life and have NEVER felt this before.  So I'm wondering what is up?  I have been under high anxiety and depression for a couple weeks which I'm told can cause lightheadedness (which I don't fully understand) but the light headedness is definitely showing up after I eat...but not after every meal.  It seems worse if I've waited for a while to eat and again if the meal is higher in carbs.  The lightheadedness happens IMMEDIATELY after eating too..not 30-60 min later.  I've also been unusually hungry lately.  

Just trying to figure this out.  Any ideas???  

Thanks!!  :)
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Your weight is good for your height. Usually when we eat simple carbs it increases the blood sugar rapidly and then it drops suddenly which may cause issues. Suggest eating on a regular basis, and eat carbs with an equal amount of protein foods. If it still occurs, then recommend going to your Doctor to be checked. Thank you for your question.
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