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Links between diet soda and neuroligical symptoms

I have been having these attacks where I get very cold, begin to shake, my arms and legs tingle then I get burning pain, parts of my face and head get numb, dizzyness, blurred vision, ring in ears, then anxiety symptoms.  They last for a couple of hours and when I start to come out of them my body is weak and feels very heavy.  I also get a light headache for a little while.  
I have been to a nerologist, cardiologist, Ears, nose and throat doctor and have numerous testing.
All came back fine.
I consume alot of diet soda.
At my last visit to my cardiologist he asked me about this.
He told me that my symptoms could be coming for the diet soda.
He has seen cases of young women who come into the er with heart attacks and multiple neuro. symptoms.  Their hearts are extremly clean.  Like mine.  Thats why he was concerned.
He believes this is from the caffine.  But I have read about the effect of aspartame.
I had no idea the effects could be this bad!  I knew that it was not good for me but I had no idea it could be this severe!
Does anyone have any information on this???!!
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Yes I have read lots of stuff about all artificial sweeteners. I beleive it all. Think about it they are chemicals made in a lab and you put it in your body :(  I use a product called "stevia" it is a sweetener that comes from an herb. I buy the NOW brand because all brands are not the same.

I hope you stop drinking and eating "DIET" products even splenda is bad. If you want a soda drink the real thing. But you need to make your primary drink WATER.   Good luck
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Thanks for your post!
I have already started to cut back.  I was told not to do it all at once because the withdraw symptoms are so bad.
The problem is the diet soda I drink also has caffine, headache and shaking when you quit cold turkey.
I have heard that the aspartame is also very bad for you, which is also in the diet soda I drink.
I went to the grocery store to find something that had no caffine and no artiffcal sweetners.
This stuff is in everything in one form or another.
What upsets me is I had no idea this could do this to my body, I knew it was not good for me but severe symptoms like mine never crossed my mind.
I think of all the people, young kids, who are consuming this stuff and are not aware of the side effects!
I have have 2 teen age kids who are not allowed to have this anymore!!
I hope someone who does not know about this, will read this post and quit and hopefully pass the information on!
Thanks Again!
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Thank you for letting me know about this condition FYI I did experienced a caffine withdrawal symptom my body and hands trembles, at first I thought that I have not eat anything but then I realized that it was the coffee - I drink at least 2 cups/mugs in the morning per day it can be as much as 4. I'm trying to cut down now hope for the best.
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We are talking about the effects of artificial sweeteners and the nervous system not caffine withdrols. But that is never any fun :(
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Wow, I have no answers regarding your scary symptoms but I can tell you something is awfully wrong with diet soda. I never had any in my life until one year I was stuck with constant work and a vending machine.  I consumed one can per day for one year and aside from gaining weight, for the first time I had bad dark circlesa around my eyes, hair loss and developed gingivitis and even some cavities. I stopped drinking this stuff and it must have taken another year to get back to my normal self. Only later people commented on how unhealthy I looked back then. It is great if you slowly cut it out, whether your symptoms are related to aspartame or not.
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Sorry, I forgot to mention: I too do not allow my son to have anything soda or anything with artificial sweeteners unless it is Xylitol. Sometimes he asks: "Mommy, can I have some poison" if he sees other kids, sometimes even preschoolers - walk around with soda cans. But he soon forgets about it. He tried it and does not even like it.
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