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Loosing weight in fasting month

Hi,Im a muslim and performing fasting in this month of ramadhan. I think this is a good oppurtunity for me to lose weight so I've been doing regular jogging for 20mins and drinking lemonade drink(lemon+honey) for at least 5oz a day.I wonder if this routine is good enough for me to reach my target goal(reduce 3kg) by this 3 month.Anybody want to add up or share their opinion ?
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It can be done! So from sunrise till sunset NOTHING! What will you consume after sunset? What about after Ramadan? Do you go back to your previous
diet? I thought you aren't permitted any food or drink from sunrise till sunset?
But you will be drinking the lemonade!
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Ramadan rituals can make it hard to lose weight during this holiday, so you'll have to go your own way during the holiday to make it work for you instead of against you.  Most of those observing this holiday don't eat less, they eat more because eating is such an important part of the holiday, and they compress this eating into a shorter period of time than they would usually.  While you fast during the day, most then stuff themselves in celebrations after dark and before daylight.  What I would suggest is adopting a permanent way of eating that works for you rather than using this particular holiday (or any holiday) for weight purposes as short term changes in eating don't alter your basic metabolism, which is the key to long-term success in maintaining a weight you're happy with.  And, of course, honey isn't a diet food.  It can be used for cleansing and for clearing the sinuses and lungs, but honey will never be a weight-loss food.  Better to just juice plain fruits and vegetables without added sugar if weight and health is your purpose in drinking them.  And have a great holiday!
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1) I consume normal dishes like curry with rice and desserts like custard/ice cream.Then I try to drink lemonade 4-5oz.
2) After ramadhan Yes Im planning to go back to my usual meals with additional of my favourite spicy chicken wings and coconut blended milk I like to buy from hawkers.I also drink coffee daily. And no more exercise since I won't have much  time anymore to do so once I start uni.
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Ahh I see. Actually, I don't consider myself a heavy-eater even in the fasting month. However, Normal days I tend to eat very unhealthy like oily spicy fried chicken or creamy drinks.in ramadhan, I've restrain myself from eating these because I know my stomach can't consume all those in one go which I thought it would be a great time for me to lose weight with the additional exercise.As for honey...well I absolutely hate drinking plain water...I couldnt even manage to finish a cup
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Sorry accidentally post, as I was saying.I guess honey serves the same as sugar.I'll try to cut that off although I wish there is another solution for that...so to wrap up,I might need to continue my dieting even after 3 month,maybe I'll do 2 days of fasting in a week,and have 1 cheat day to splurge on my favourite food....orz and I'll try to do those detox drinks I saw in youtube with various fruits to keep my drinks...drinkable..lol..Thank you for the comments,I hope I can keep myself motivated to do this diet even after Ramadan cause its so difficult for me to leave my favourite 'sinful foods'' once in a while...
Don't stop exercising because you're going to university -- that's when you'll need it the most!  Been there, done that -- it really helps clear the mind and helps focus and concentration, so do get your exercise.
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