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Low and falling TIBC


I have done my first ever 2 Iron and Iron Binding Capacity tests in the last 6 months and noticed a low (outside the normal range) and falling TIBC, and high (outside the normal range) and rising saturation. At the same time, iron level is in range. To make it short here are the out-of-the-range numbers on both of the latest tests.
Test 1: Iron 131, TIBC 233, Transferrin Saturation 56, MCH 33.2
Test 2: Iron 127, TIBC 201, Transferrin Saturation 63, RBC 4.08, Bilirubin (total) 1.3 and (direct) 0.3

The tests were taken only six months apart.
A 15% fall in TIBC and a 15% rise in saturation ring an alarm for me. Then again, I'm not a doctor and very well maybe overreacting to these tests.
I'd really like to hear some professional opinion-diagnosis based on these test results. Please also let me know if there is anything I can add to my diet to bring these values to norm.

Thank you.
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Suggest having a total Iron profile blood work done with vitB 12 and folate levels to determine is anything is worng or not. Thank you for your question.
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