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MTHFR Mutation

hi,my 11 yo son has (MTHFR_677 , MTRR_66 , MTR_2756 ) heterozygious mutations, the Doctor has discriped folic acid, but i have read that it is wrong to take folic acid in this case, i do not know what to do. He has normal MTHFR_1298, protein c 108%, protein s 106%, antithrombin III(AT-III)105%, factor v leiden 2.7
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What are his homocysteine levels?
And here's what I've read about these mutations -- they're very common but most physicians don't think they mean anything for most people.  It's only those who manifest a problems that isn't dietary but from the mutation that need to correct for it.  In your son's case, I assume the doctor found very low folate despite you feeding your son (and him eating) foods high in it.  Folic acid is a synthetic supplement because you can't make natural folate in a supplement, you can only get it from food.  Sometimes the form necessary is a methyl form, but a functioning body should be able to convert enough of the folic acid to folate and then to methylfolate to work.  Tests will show if it's working.  But if there's no evident problem other than the existence of the mutation, that just means there's a greater probability of a problem, not that it will definitely happen, and in most people it doesn't.  Your son may be the exception.
And let met add, the methylfolate form is also synthetic.  The form found in food is folate.
Thank you Paxiled for your response.
In deed, all information i have read about these mutations emphasis that it is big mistake to take folice acid in the presence of these mutations and you have to take mythile folate instead, i think i should go to see another doctor
But only if it's actually affecting you adversely, which is almost never the case.  Taking methyl folate if you don't actually have a problem with it can lead to adverse consequences.  That's why I asked about homocysteine levels -- this is what most docs will use to determine if there's a problem, because a lack of folate, B6 and/or B12 will lead to a build-up of homocysteine problems.  Most people with these mutations have no ill effects from them, and almost everything you're reading comes from one naturopath on the internet.  Not saying he's wrong, just saying, read the whole thing, not just part of it.
yes, you are right, i felt like all information about MTHFR mutations comes from supplements producers.
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