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Milk bothers me, Lactose free or not

I believe I am somewhat lactose intolerant, but lactose free milk bothers me too. So does cheese and yogurt.
I do not have a problem with products made only from cream. I can eat as much sour cream, cream cheese, and whipped cream as I want as long as they don't contain milk. They give me no problem at all.

I have trouble with ice-cream since it has milk in it as well as cream. I would probably be fine with an all cream ice cream. The nicer brands, like Breyers, don't bother me as much because I believe they use less milk and more cream.

I was wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience with dairy products.

I hope this can help people a little, because maybe trying avoiding milk and using products made only from cream will help. I do believe some cream based products have milk in them, so try to only buy products that only contain cream, and see if that works.

Milk probably contains some kind of protein that cream doesn't that causes people problems. You can be lactose intolerant too, but if lactose free milk makes you feel sick, just avoid all milk in general. You can maybe try drinking cream instead of milk if you want, or putting cream in coffee or tea instead of milk. Don't eat foods that make you feel sick, it can cause major health problems in the long run.  

I haven't really experimented with only eating cream, but I am going to try. Also I am not a doctor, just very observant and really smart.

Also, try eating these cream products alone. If you have other food intolerances you may end up feeling sick if you eat the cream products with other foods that bother you. I hope this helps.

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What exactly do you think cream is?  It's just fatty milk.  Breyer's isn't a premium brand -- it isn't even all natural.  There are high premium brands of ice cream that are fattier, meaning creamier, but it's still milk.  If you have a problem with dairy, and most people do, they just don't realize it, don't use it.  For some reason you sound like you feel it's necessary to force feed yourself dairy.  Just skip it altogether, or if you must have it, don't do cow dairy -- cows have a very odd digestive system.  But there are plenty of substitutes out there now, so my advice, for what it's worth is, skip dairy.  
If you want to try a delicious ice cream try Yuengling ice cream. http://www.yuenglingsicecream.com/
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