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No Appetite

So good to find an app that includes weight gain. I'm 28 and weigh 48kg (7.5  stone roughly) and to be honest i am  surprised ive managed to keep my weight  that high with my appalling diet -I just don't eat.  I dont get hungry, I can easily go all day without eating and only eat child size portion of dinner in the evening. My parter is away at the moment so I am not even doing that - yesterday I ate a small cheese sandwich and that was it.

I don't not eat because I think I am fat. I've always been slim but when I look at pics I really do need to put some weight on. I don't look healthy at  all. I managed to get to 54 kg about 2 years ago but did it wrong with high calorie junk food and I struggled to maintain it.

I would never be able to go straight to eating 3 meals and 2 snacks as I have a real problem with feeling full at the moment  (probably because it's been so long) but want to start gradually.  Any ideas on smaller things that I can nibble on to boost weight increase? I can't have wheat or milk (but substitute these easily with almond milk and gluten free products which are so much easier to get now!)

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Hi Pyel1 and welcome to the forum.

Well, you have posted some conflicting information, so I need to have some clarity first, before I can give you any suggestions.

You said: "I don't not eat because I think I am fat"
And then you claim that: " I've always been slim but when I look at pics I really do need to put some weight on. I don't look healthy at  all"
So help me understand this better.
You think you're fat and yet you know you've always been slim, you see it in
your pixs and you admit you don't look healthy so you need to put some weight on.
Thinking that you're fat and knowing that you're slim/underweight, is conflicting.

You had a small cheese sandwich and later you mentioned "I can't have wheat or milk". Did you "cheat" perhaps?, but then why would you, if you don't even feel hungry.
If you are sensitive to wheat/gluten and dairy, why not have something you may tolerate better, since you don't have any appetite anyways.

I have no intention to criticize you in any way, but is it possible that you
may have some nutritional deficiencies, which could be linked to hormonal and neurotransmitter imbalances, causing diminished appetite, cognitive issues and other health concerns?
Have you been tested for any deficiencies?
Have you been diagnosed with anything?
What is your BMI  ( or I can calculate your BMI if you post your height).

Not eating enough, to meet your minimum nutritional requirements, puts you at a great risk for serious health complications,so my best advice I can offer you is to seek a Holistic Nutritionist, to help you with this.

Nonetheless, if you reply with answers to my questions and more details about yourself, I will be more than happy to give you some ideas.

Best wishes.
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Sorry - i see what you mean about that sentence, it doesn't make sense :) what I meant it to say is that the reason for me not eating is NOT because I think I am fat. I know I am not overweight

With the whole cheese thing - i have a dairy allergy but cheese is my favourite thing to eat. If i cut out all dairy  i can tolerate a small amount of cheese. Gluten free bread.

I've had various tests over the years but nothing has ever come of it. I do have lots of allergies and also have IBS (probably my own fault and a result of the way I eat)

Strangely i have the largest collection of cook books and spend hours reading them - i love the idea of food, I just struggle to actually eat it.
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BMI was 18.5 last time I checked which I believe is ok. This is why my Dr won't help me - she said my weight is still ok.
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NO, don't think of you being responsible for IBS, as this happens even to the ones who have an ideal diet.

Your lack of appetite is likely a combination of physical-likely hormonal- and psychological factors.
Your BMI puts you at the bottom of the underweight range or the top of the
extremely underweight range.

The concerns are: lowered immune function, malnutrition, hormonal imbalances and irregular hormonal cycles, osteoporosis.
I'm surprised your doctor does not want to treat you, however, you may
be better off seeing a Holistic Nutritionist for this.
For the psychological part of it, you can try EFT (tapping) on your own.
Just do search for this.

Your love of cheese, may be linked to delayed sensitivity symptoms, not easily attributed to the cheese.
You can download Dr. Coca's Pulse Test for free.
This test will indicate sensitivities and reactions  to anything ingested within the one week of testing, including hidden or delayed.
(not an official diagnosis, but fairly accurate, nonetheless).

If you need more suggestions or details on anything let me know.

Best wishes.

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