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Protein Supplement

Hi! I have an 8 year old son that is a very picky eater, he wil not eat meat anymore, he was also diagnose last year with Type 1 Diabeties.
My main question is:
Is Proteinext Chewable Protein Tablets for kids okay to use for protein ( until we get him eating Good Protein)
2nd. Are theses New Whey Liguid Protein Dietary Supplements 0 fat 0 sugar pure protein ok for him? Of course only small dosage! Or is there a liquid Protein like these but safe for kids?
Please respond as soon as you can.
Thank You,
Your answer will be very appreciated!
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Since he is type 1 diabetic, it is a benefit to him if he gets his protein from his foods. The protein helps slow down the digestion of carbohydrates that he may be eating for that meal. It is okay he does not eat meat. Eggs, all dairy products (milk, cheeses, yogurt), nuts (if not allergic) with bread/crackers or in salads, or rice and beans are all good protein sources. Suggest giving him a protein source for all meals and snacks so he will get the protein he needs without protein pills. Thank you for your question.
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