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Resort or Retreat with Good Nutrition

I have a daughter who has returned from a five-year stint in Iraq where she was a civilian trainer.  There she worked seven days a week and 12 hours a day. Because the local food was contaminated, they had to rely on imports that were not high on the nutrition scale. She was exhausted and suffering from a bad diet. Also, whereas she left with a normal weight, she gained about 60 or 70 pounds, probably due to overwork, lack of exercise and poor food.

She has been back for three or four months and, although she eats like the rest of the family, that is, very moderately, she has not lost any weight, which we do not understand. She is a very pretty girl who does not feel at all pretty. We can see she is discouraged, although she would never admit it.

I want to send her to a retreat or resort where they use the Pilates exercised method, and offer fresh-air activities, such as swimming and hiking. I am particularly concerned that the meals be healthy and organic. She has ingested enough pesticides and additives to ruin anyone's health. I would wholeheartedly appreciate any recommendation you may offer. I want her to send her off for at  least a month. Many thanks.
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