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Salmon good or bad

I have always heard that salmon is a nesesity in a good diet. Lately I have heard that farmed salmon is only to be eatten twice a year and wild salmon is to be eatten no more then twice a month because of the mercury. Is this true?
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Salmon is very good for you, it s loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, be sure you do a heavy metal cleanse at least once or twice a year if you are going to eat a lot of fish. We have polluted ours oceans and yes there is mercury.
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well, i have done a lot of research on this and emailed companies of canned fish actually.  Salmon is one of the fish that contains higher levels of mercury as is shark.  Also my dr allows me to eat one can of tuna a week and it should be the chunk lite, supposedly the albacore white has more mercury.  I have read controversial studies that say they really dont have an acurate way of checking, because all fish are different even within their own species due to a lot of factors.  Such as where they were fished from and what they eat.  Being pregnant I have given up all fish, but I might have to call it quits after as well.  If its not safe for a pregnant woman why would it be safe for anyone else.  I think I just might find something else to like.
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What is a heavy metal cleanse?
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A heavy Metal cleanse is a detoxification program. You can get it in a health food store. Some contain all natural ingredients. These ingredients, bind to the metals and are excreted through the urine. The Best Heavy Metal cleanser is a synthetic amino acid called ETDA. Search the Web and learn more about it.
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Thanks for the info.  I've been eating much more fish (including salmon) the last several months.
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Listen... Dont buy into this natural (says natural but if you look at any product you buy in a General Nutrition store or these "detox plans" its almost all synthetic products you consume) food store stuff. Its proven by science that you must have a balance of foods (fruits, veg., low saturated fat diet) and now a days in america you really have to check the qualitity of your meat. Always buy wild caught anything when you can, stay away from red meat, chicken is ok but again most chickens are grow under "synthetic conditions" (i.e. chemically enhanced food, etc.). Anyway most of it is found in a nutrition textbook. Dont believe the internet, buy a cheap, nutrition textbook that someone learning the science of the foods would take, thumb through it and keep it as a life reference. It was the best thing I ever did for myself and I think it saved my life.
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Where did you purchase your book?
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The best natural detox from metal is CILANTRO. Eat this magic spice and it will clean your body from metals.
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