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Scared of gallbladder surgery

I'm having gallbladder surgery tomorrow morning and I am so scared i don't know what to do!!!!! I'm so scared of the whole thing!! help!!!
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Nothing to be scared about! I had my gallbladder removed just over a year ago.
They did laparoscopic surgery to remove the gallbladder. It can be done without cutting the muscles of your abdomen.
During this surgery, a laparoscope (a small, thin tube with a camera on the tip of it that is used to see the inside of your body) is used to remove the gallbladder. Several small incisions are used instead of one large incision.
The laparoscope is put into your body through a tiny cut made just below your navel (belly button). Your doctor can then see your gallbladder on a TV screen and do the surgery with tools inserted in 3 other small cuts made in the right upper part of your abdomen. Your gallbladder is then taken out through one of the incisions.
It  may allow you to return to school more quickly, have less pain (I didn't even need to take anything for pain after surgery), have a shorter hospital stay and have a shorter recovery time. Unlike traditional surgery, laparoscopic surgery to remove the gallbladder can be done without cutting the muscles of your abdomen. The incision is also much smaller and the scars are much less noticeable than those made by traditional cholecystectomy.
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i had my  gallbladder removed just under 9 years ago and was the best thing ever ..it was key hole surgery and paracetamol was sufficient for pain releif once i was discharged which was the same day within two days i was up and out pushing pram within two weeks was like nothing happened except i no longer had the problems i was having prior.  If you are scared speak to your consultant and ask any questions that are worrying you  bu please doint be scared it will be over before you know it xx
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