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Sick after a workout..

Well first let me start off by saying i am a 22 year old male who does not have the best eating habits but my eating habits aren't the worse either. For the last 4 years ive noticed when i work out i am very  overcome by nuesea and i feel shaky in my arms and legs. This occurs even after a 5 minute workout. After sitting and relaxing i feel better in about 30 minutes. Ive recently came across hyperthyroidism while on google and i am not trying to self diagnose but i filled out the checklist and i have just about every symptom but hair thinning. My resting pulse is at about 85-90 and i am a constantly anxious person to the point to where my sleep suffers hugely. Even when i am well rested i cant get a grasp on this. My dad has a history of atrial flutter but no history of hyperthyroidism although we both share diagnosed ADHD and anxiety. Last time i worked out my pulse got up to 187 after a mile run. What is your opinion and should i be so worried?
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The only way to know if you have hyperthyroidism is to go to your MD and get blood-work done. The blood work will show the thyroid hormone levels and determine if they are in normal or abnormal ranges. Suggest you do get a medical check-up due to your family history as you stated.
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