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Slowly losing weight, fatigued, anxious and weak

I'm a 23 year old male, and am experiencing worrisome symptoms (for a few months now)

It started with digestive issues a little over a year ago (bloating, loose stools, bowel irregularities) and social anxiety and up until today has progressed to symptoms like:

- Mild grade fevers every evening (99, my normal temp is low 97's - and I feel feverish)
- Losing 5 pounds in two months (I'm 5'7" and 143 lbs now) as well as noticeable muscle wasting on my thighs
- Falling asleep much earlier than used to
- Feeling general weakness
- Acne that won't disappear on face

I've recently gotten over an HIV concern (as I did have a risk) after testing negative 6 months post my exposure. I've also ruled out digestive issues (I've had a colonosocopy, endoscopy, and multiple CT scans all of which came back clear) and my blood work is fine except that I'm low in Vitamind D (17).

I would think for someone my age, this should be a concern. I also don't think all of this can be caused by a Vitamin D deficiency. Given the symptoms I have what would you recommend I test for? Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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You need a complete physical exam with labs.  This could be a digestive / absorptive issue such as Celiac disease or diabetes (weight loss happens first) or perhaps a thyroid issue.  There are other possibilities, but you need to get checked out.  It's not normal.  
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HIV will not show up in the test until 10 years later.  If you have HIV or AIDS, you absolutely must eat well.  As the virus continues to invade your body, you may find that you lose your appetite, but keep on eating meals, calories is most important then ever. Protein is important to prevent weight loss and maintain immune system.
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Irritable bowel syndrome? Your social anxiety may be down to urgency to pass loose stools...
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What are you smoking? Antibodes are supposed to show up (at the latest) within 3-6 months.
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If you didn't mean that HIV usually doesn't progress to AIDS until about 10 years you must be smoking some crack.
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Hi.. Your symtoms could indicate a gallstone?

I have just 1 gallstone and feel at times  bloated, feverish, nausea, & the bad times my pain feels like a contraction. It passes after a couple of hrs though.

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Early Cushing's dz maybe
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It's very difficult to say, There could be a psychological or hormonal aspect here. You certainly need a full blood workup.Make sure they did broad testing as often doctors will only request certain tests on your blood.

It does sound like it could be a number of digestive issues which are very hard to diagnose. What you are describing sounds similar to those experienced when i had gall issues. You mentioned feeling feverish, do you ever feel the heat comingfrom your lower abdomen? Trying a diet that's designed to be easy on the digestive system but give you energy may be worth a try, porridge, seafood, milk, yoghurt, soup, bananas (keep your potassium up), pleanty of fluids.
Low fat, low sugar, no caffene.
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Have you tried the herbal supplement Ashwagandha? It is said to work for weakness, fatigue, anxiety, etc. You could first check the net for info on it, before trying it out.
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