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Suggestions for eating healthy while traveling

Just got a new job that requires me to travel a lot - weekly flights, staying in hotels, etc.  I'd love to hear suggestions about how to live healthy on the road.  

Some limitations and struggles I face specifically:  I can't eat hard-cooked eggs (egg intolerance, but the closer to raw the easier to digest - I read that somewhere, and lo and behold, runny soft-boiled eggs don't upset my stomach like hard-boiled and fried eggs), and I try to stay away from refined sugar/carbs - and when it's a choice between eating nothing and eating carbs, I try to choose non-gluten ones, as I have a mild sensitivity there too (nothing severe, just embarrassing, so worth avoiding it).  I've found that this is very limiting while traveling - for example, the only foods on the hotel complimentary breakfast that are on my 'good' list are the fruit (if spotty bananas and red delicious apples count - blech), and milk.  Cereal, sweets, artificially flavored yogurts, etc. are always available, as well - and the 'nice' hotels seem to always have the really greasy stuff (bacon, sausage, biscuits, gravy) that leave me feeling bad most of the day, too.

On top of the stomach troubles (or maybe they're related), I'm fighting thyroid issues (I'm in the middle of relocating, haven't found a new endocrinologist yet so I can get one more check on my levels and potentially start (and dial in) a prescription)... so I'm tired a lot of the time, which also hampers my progress.  Good news is I've been the same weight/size for the last 6 years or so - I guess I've been doing something right, but I know I can get to a better place with my fitness level, and if joining this community can help me down that road, I'll be ever grateful. :)

If I'm staying for more than 1 night in the same place, I usually split my food budget over a couple nights and get some stuff at the grocery store since I usually get a room with microwave and fridge, but I'm often only in each place one night and have a tight schedule (as in, drive throughs fit into the schedule best - obviously the antithesis of 'good choices' in most instances).  I'm trying to fit exercise in (circuit training videos via Amazon Prime on my laptop, using fitness room if there's anything other than treadmills - running is my least favorite form of exercise), but if there are any experienced travelers out there who have other tips, I'm all ears!  

Thanks all!
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All big cities have restaurants that serve organic food.  Ethnic restaurants usually have vegetarian choices.  You can find guides to vegetarian, organic, macrobiotic and such restaurants, which will always have something relatively healthy on the menu.  And get a juicer -- I'm assuming any job that requires that much travel pays pretty well, and a good double blade juicer isn't that heavy.  You will need another bag for it, but again, that much travel means you must be making enough to eat well.  Try to find organic food stores, since juicing conventional produce means a whole lot of pesticides and such in each glass!  What juicing will do for you is guarantee one exceptional, antioxidant rich meal a day to cover for the difficulty of finding the kind of food on the road you would eat at home.  You can also bring food with you from home as long as you don't bring meat dishes, which are hard to store safely.  The Japanese are famous for this, traveling with their bento boxes.  If your thyroid is underactive, this could be good as well, because you can pack seaweed, which contains natural iodine to jump-start your thyroid without needing medication, assuming our thyroid is still working.  It's really not hard to eat well while traveling, the bigger problem is wanting to do what it takes to make it happen.  The Chinese for centuries traveled with dried vegetables such as seaweed and brown rice balls -- pretty healthy, light and convenient.  It can be done.
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