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Supplements Safe During Pregnancy

Hi there. I am currently pregnant...Should be 8 weeks but having a threathened Micarriage along with high blood sugar and high blood pressure and have read online that B-Vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin C can help lower blood pressure. My question is are the following safe to take every day or every other day during pregnancy:

Vitamin C     500 mg
Vitamin E     400 I.U.
B50 Complex which includes:
     B1     50 mg
     B2     50 mg
     B3     50 mg
     B6     50 mg
     B12   50 mg
     Folate  400mcg
     Biotin  50 mcg
     Pantothrnic Acid   50 mg

I'm also taking the Enfamil DHA supplement and a Prenatal Vitamin

Also read that ginger and garlic are good for blood sugar and blood pressure.I have a garlic/ginger supplement that is 500mg Garlic and 200 mg Ginger is this ok?

Thanks for your help. I'm also eating healthier and working out for 30 - 45 min/day. My doctors are bouncing me back and forth (PCP says I have to see OB since I am pregnant and OB says I have to see PCP since I am going to miscarry so I had to switch doctors and won't be able to see anyone for another week). BTW: My HCG levels are rising appropriatly so I do not believe I will miscarry. I believe I am just not as far along as first thought.
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These are questions for a qualified medical person.  Sorry.  We're just folks.  When you're pregnant, everything changes.  I can tell you that ginger and garlic aren't used for blood sugar really.  They're used for a lot of things, but not so much that.  Ginger, however, is a blood thinner, so again, you'll have to check with your doc.  I know it's used for morning sickness so it's probably fine for at least temporary use, but as to regular use when pregnant, I just don't know.  It's also an antiinflammatory and circulatory aid.  None of the vitamins you mention will lower blood perssure.  One B vitamin, niacin, might or it might not, but if you're pregnant, you have to be careful with it.  And if you're going to miscarry, you have to be careful about blood thinners because there might be bleeding problems.  Folate and DHA are always recommended for pregnancy, but again, if you're about to miscarry, you must follow your doc's advice.  There are good blood pressure remedies.  The main one is hawthorn, but is usually used with other herbs as well, but here we are again, some aren't probably good to take if you're pregnant.  Good luck with it, hope you get the outcome you want, and find a caring professional who can expertly answer your very complex questions.
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I would not be taking a vitamin E supplement. It alters blood clotting.

Garlic is relatively non-toxic and will reduce blood pressure.

I would ask your physician about taking 1000 mg of omega-3 fish oil.
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Garlic doesn't lower blood pressure.  It has been thought to fight cholesterol, but that hasn't shown up in recent studies.  And fish oil, again, is a blood thinner, so I'd still be wary without speaking to a doc if this person is about to miscarry, with the attendant risk of bleeding.  
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