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Supplements Safe During Pregnancy

Hi there. I am currently pregnant...Should be 8 weeks but having a threathened Micarriage along with high blood sugar and high blood pressure (doctor says I am most likely diabetic) and have read online that B-Vitamins, Vitamin E and Vitamin C can help lower blood pressure. My question is are the following safe to take every day or every other day during pregnancy:

Vitamin C     500 mg
Vitamin E     400 I.U.
B50 Complex which includes:
     B1     50 mg
     B2     50 mg
     B3     50 mg
     B6     50 mg
     B12   50 mg
     Folate  400mcg
     Biotin  50 mcg
     Pantothrnic Acid   50 mg

I'm also taking the Enfamil DHA supplement and a Prenatal Vitamin

Also read that ginger and garlic are good for blood sugar and blood pressure.I have a garlic/ginger supplement that is 500mg Garlic and 200 mg Ginger is this ok? It's Organic.

Thanks for your help. I'm also eating healthier and working out for 30 - 45 min/day. My doctors are bouncing me back and forth (PCP says I have to see OB since I am pregnant and OB says I have to see PCP since I am going to miscarry so I had to switch doctors and won't be able to see anyone for another week). BTW: My HCG levels are rising appropriatly so I do not believe I will miscarry. I believe I am just not as far along as first thought.
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You are presently taking prenatal vitamins so you do not need additional vitamin/mineral supplementation. To help lower your blood pressure is to lower your salt (sodium) intake. To keep your sodium levels down, avoid high sodium foods, prepared/prepackaged foods, cold cuts, cured meats, and take away the ‘salt shaker’. Adding extra herbs and garlic/spices (without salt) to your food will add more flavor and you will not miss the salt. Hope this helped you.
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Thank you. Yes I have been making all my food now...no more eating out or frozen meals and I am happy to say my blood pressure has been normal for almost a week now. It was 120/70 today.
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