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Tuna Only...

Since I was 18 approximately I have always needed to eat proteins and carbohydrates together
in order to feel oriented and physically nutritioned.
Now at the age of 51 I can only eat tuna subways with vegetables and cheese every single day in order
to feel oriented mentally and physically nutritioned.
I have to eat atleast 4 to 5 times per day and tuna only or I become disoriented, start to have heart palpitations and also my heart feels as though it is going to just stop as well.
I have told the Doctor about eating tuna only and she seems to agree with me that I have hypo-glycemia although it has gotten worse, but as long as I eat the tuna on time I am fine and feel well both mentally and physically.
I have tried eating other foods, but no luck and only have to eat the tuna soon after to feel well.
I have never had the long and complete testing done for hypo-glycemia although I have blood sugar testing which is always normal between 70 and 90.
Also the Doctor is not worried about the mercury in the tuna.
I have a minor vitamin D deficiency, but I cannot take the vitamins because they give me awful headaches.
I was wondering if this could possibly be something other than acute hypo-glycemia.
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And again, the fact not eating tuna causes you problems sounds psychological to this detached individual.  Again, there isn't any more protein in tuna than in steak or venison or salmon or even much more than whole grains mixed with beans.  And I'm sorry, but the US govt only recommends eating tuna a few times a week at most because of the mercury, so you've been misinformed on this.  All fish are contaminated with not only mercury but other pollutants as well.  If you have a problem with dairy, and most people do, than yes, any slice of cheese could be a problem.  Which isn't to say it is, it is to say that when you limit your choices so much you're eliminating too many other choices that contain nutrients that are essential to life.  Subway isn't healthy food, it's the cheapest food they can find.  Now, you are free to do whatever you wish, I'm not trying to alter your behavior, just answer the question you asked.  There are people on elimination diets who have very serious problems with food tolerance and allergies, but the cheese and bread would be eliminated first, so that's not your problem.  Anyhoo, good luck to you.
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Hi and thanks for your answer.
No, it's not psychological at all; that is for certain since i have physical symptoms as I described.
Tuna is one of the highest sources for protein to my knowledge also and the mercury doesn't seem to be a concern again.
There are only 2 slices of cheese on a subway so that shouldn't be a concern either since I only eat not even one entire subway per day.
I do believe this all should be told to the doctor and a nutritionist since I do have palpitations and other physical symptoms.
My main point here is that "TUNA" is the only food I can eat in order to feel healthy and most importantly oriented.  This seems strange to me.
Thanks again.
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Yeah, it could be psychological, since there's nothing in tuna that any other food wouldn't do for hypoglycemia as long as it wasn't sugar.  Beans, for example, are great for hypoglycemia, and all proteins are as much protein as tuna.  Eating just one food isn't healthy, eating too much dairy -- the cheese -- probably isn't healthy.  And tuna is full of mercury, whatever your doc says.  Perhaps a visit to a holistic nutritionist would serve you better than a doctor, who knows nothing about nutrition, and if you get a good work-up your doc should know whether or not you have hypoglycemia.  But again, just eating tuna has nothing to do with hypoglycemia, and the bread at Subway wouldn't be the best thing for a hypoglycemic.  
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