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Two Meals a Day

Good morning or evening or day or night or afternoon guys and whassup. I have two meals a day instead of three and have done for my entire life. I am sixteen years of age, I am 172cm tall and weigh approximately 74.5 kilograms, although on the scales at the gym, my weight changes daily, give and take up to 2 kilos.

This means I have 32.7% fat total, a little above normal range. I have been working out for five or six weeks and my weight has stayed the same, my BFP has gone up 1% and my height has stayed the same.

These are my two meals:

Breakfast: Four slices toast with spreads of either Jam, Avacado or Light Sour Cream (don't shout at me for that one) with Milo milk full cream.

Lunch: Whatever mummy cooks. Usually high in carbs and protein i.e. pastas, rice, chicken.

Can you guys do a diagnostics about whether my diet is wrong or whether I should move to three meals or whether what? With professional and personal experience, what do y'all think.

Just thoughts and advice if you want.

Thanks, Khatiz...
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Just a thought regards to your diet - it seems to me that you may not be eating enough through-out the day. I'm not sure if you snack or whatever between the meals, but if you let yourself go 2-3 hours without having at least something small, your metabolism slows down. Eating first thing in the morning is important, however I would suggest making it more protein specific and less carbs. Eggs are great, as is oatmeal with some nuts and fruit added. Or make yourself 2 slices of whole grain toast with some peanut butter. Carbs are good and fine but you need to aim for complex carbs, meaning ones that are coming from whole foods. Fruits, whole-grain breads and brown rice or whole wheat pasta. Try to avoid procesed carbs that come from chips, white breads, fast food etc.

The reason this is important is that it also affects your blood sugar. When your sugar levels get low (you know that edgy feeling when you haven't eaten in awhile? you body slows down, you tend to lose your thoughts..) you first need to eat something sugary that raises your levels quickly, and then something with carbs that will last awhile so that your sugar doesn't come crashing down. So say a glass of OJ and then a PBJ or something that will be filling with good carbs.

Another reason it is important to eat throughout the day is that if you don't you may overeat at your meals. So eat breakfast, 2 or 3 hours later have some fruit and nuts or yogurt (greek yogurt if it's available) At lunch try to include proteins and carbs, as well as good fruits and veggies! Then for dinner (since you usually only eat twice that may take adjustment) either make something like a sandwich or salad with leftover chicken from lunch.
The goal is to eat filling foods that will fuel you. And ALWAYS eat something after you workout! A glass of Chocolate Milk is perfect, since it has protein, carbs and sugar and is tasty! Otherwise try a protein bar or shake, or just apples and peanut butter.

Whenever you can aim for lower fat milk, spreads, etc. Try to use good fats when cooking from olive oil. And drink water and tea as much as you can. I notice I lose a lot more and feel a lot better when I drink water more.

Losing weight really comes down to 2 things - portion control, and exercise. Someone could eat horribly but if they only ate a set amount of calories a day then they would still lose. (However eating healthy gets way better results) Exercise is the other part of this equation. Cardio will burn fat, while weight training will help you to burn fat faster and look more toned, leaner. Weight training is really important!

Sorry for the detail here, I recently changed a lot of my diet around and joined the gym a few months ago. It's hard to start but once you start to see results it motivates you to keep going. My other word of advice? If you want to eat something bad, eat it. Depriving yourself totally will end up making you attack a bag of cookies. So let yourself have one small thing a day that you want. (Mine is a piece of dark chocolate!) If you keep the portion down, it helps you in the end since you don't feel like you can't eat anything good.

Good luck! Hope this helps! Feel free to message with any questions.
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Hamed,  your breakfast doesn't sound excessive,  but it's hard to tell what you're eating at lunch.  It could be WAYYYY too much,  we can't tell from your description.

BTW,  I don't believe that typical workouts make anyone lose weight,  lowered calorie intake makes people lose weight.  I joined a gym last year and had to quit because the weight workouts were making me gain weight - not pretty muscle weight,  I was packing on the fat pounds.  I joined the gym to firm up and increase my energy level,   and I started to look thick,  which I don't normally at all.  After that experience I keep hearing of others who have done that too.

People who run,  swim,  or walk tend to lose weight,  but if you're going to the gym and working on those stationary machines,  you might be working against yourself.
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