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Vegan with High Cholesterol

I've been vegan for a year now. I recently got blood test results back and while not as high as it used to be, my cholesterol is still high (both HDL and LDL). Part of it is hereditary (from my dad). I am a 19 year old male, vegan, and I get regular exercise. I have no other health conditions. Is there anything I can do to lower my cholesterol? Why is it still high? Thanks.
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Cholesterol is used in all the cells in the body and brain.  In fact most of the brain is made of Cholesterol. You cannot live withou Cholesterol. The liver makes about 80% of all cholesterol with only about 20% coming from the diet.  While vegan diets are very low in Cholesterol, fats like veg oil, eggs in mayonaise, and other sources of additives do contain cholesterol. Many people cut fats down to zip and still have high Cholesterol because the Liver is alerted when serum Cholesterol is low and it produces more to make up for the loss.  If your Cholesterol levels are above 200, have your Homocysteine checked.  Homocysteine is the "glue" that makes Cholesterol "stick" to the vessels.  If it is low, you are probably doing okay with the higher levels of Cholesterol (you didn't say what yours was at)up to about 250.  If Homocysteine is high, or your Cholesterol is about 250, then you may want to consider discusing taking meds or Niacin with your doctor to help reduce the Cholesterol and Triglycerides.
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Yes, there is something you can do, its called Oral Chelation, look it up on the internet. Chelation is used to remove Toxic heavy metals from the blood, but studies showed it also clears your arteries and lowers cholesterol. Of course Doctors wont tell you this becuase they want to prescibe cholesterol lowering drugs, that will damage your liver and they want to do surgery, but check it out...........Try to use one that does not come in pill form, because that takes a long time to work. Try and get some type of liquid for or suppository.
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organic oats (porridge/muesli) and a tablespoon of almonds/cashews eat day will reduce LDLs the bad cholestral. Stress and hormones can push up your cholestral too. Its true about the body creating its own cholestral. Good luck!
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