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Vitamin D Deficient mid 60's how much to take.

I could use some advise.My yearly blood tersts showed a Vitamin D deficiency.I am currently on 50,000 units of Vitamin D therapy for 8 weeks.
How much should I take after that time?
I have noticed my joints and muscles get sore after exercise, and I now have a groin pull from vigorous leg exercises.
I am a 64 yr. old woman, which I know is a contributing factor to joint stiffness.
I use a sunscreen daily(allergy to sun) and am on HBP med, cholesterol, aspirin, and anxiety meds,plus a fluid pill.
I take advil sometimes for relief.
Thank you.

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Sounds more like the symptoms of magnesium imbalance than the problems you'd get from Vitamin D deficiency.  Your meds may be interfering with absorption of both -- Anxiety meds tend to deplete magnesium, many people are told to take huge amounts of calcium but nobody tells them that leaches magnesium out of the body, your cholesterol meds interfere with the absorption of fat soluble nutrients, of which Vitamin D is one, you don't get any sun which is how we make Vitamin D, your fluid pill is pushing things out faster than they would normally and your HBP pill might also be interfering with nutrient absorption.  I would suggest you see a nutritionist about all this -- when you're on that many meds you need a supplement regimen or dietary regimen that reflects what these drugs do to your ability to absorb what you need.
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Thank you, sound like good advice.
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