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Vitamin Recommendation

I am a mom of 3 young boys (youngest is 3 months) who are extremely energetic.  I am trying to lose my pregnancy weight and starting taking a variety of vitamins that started making me extremely lightheaded.  Once I stopped, it went away.  I also have a family history of ovarian & breast cancers.  Also, I am a lacto-vegetarian.  So basically I am looking for what vitamins are recommended for my situation.  Here is what I was taking:

multi-vitamin (what kind do you recommend?)
iron (for energy)
collagen (for weightloss and healthy hair & nails)
ginkgo (for concentration)
vitamin-B (for energy)
aspirin (my dad - a doctor - said almost everyone should take one daily)
heliocare (sunscreen)

What do you recommend I change?  Thank you and please help!!
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Are you breast feeding your 3 month old?
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No I'm not.
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Recommend a general multi-vitamin with iron only. You do not need the other supplementations due to the multi-vitamin and you are getting nutrients from the food you eat daily.
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