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Vitamin b12 too high? Tingling?

I just got my lab work back and my vitamin b12 is up from 790 to over 2000 (too high to read) in a matter of six months. I originally had it tested because I was having tingling (paresthesia) in my left side of my back six months ago. It has since worsened, spreading to my face and arm. My vitamin b 1(one) is low now. 6units in plasma. And my vitamin d is also low despite supplementing. I'm also having fatigue, anxiety, soreness, headaches, and a rib cage/chest pain that can only be described as stabbing pain radiating to my back that comes and goes. What the heck is going on???
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Given you just had lab work done, what did your doctor say?
Nothing yet. I don't see him for a few weeks still.
He's going to know a lot more about this than we do, I hope.  Do you supplement with B12?  Were your levels of folic acid and B6 low?  These three are in balance in a healthy body.  It's usually excess b6 that causes neuralgia.  And what form was the B12 in?  Also, when you see your doctor, get tested again -- if this only was one test, it could have been an anomaly.  If you got tasted every day for a month you'd get a much better idea of your regular levels, but of course nobody does that.  Keep in mind that although B12 is water soluble, some of it stores in the liver like fat soluble nutrients.  I don't know what you eat but B12 is highest in animal foods -- vegetarians are often deficient in it.  But some people have problems with certain nutrients building up because of assimilation problems.  That's why you need to follow the medical route first to see what's going on.
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