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Vitamins - Reliv or other

I am a diabetic, very picky eater and working on losing weight.  Need a good, completely comprehensive vitamin/nutritional supplement.  A friend is trying to sell me a nutrition supplement called Reliv.  She says drinking supplements help you retain more vitamins than pills and that Reliv products give you everything you would ever need - vitamin and mineral wise.  I need to find out if this is actually a good product to use or not.  And a recommendation for a good supplement if this is not.  Thanks.
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Maybe this might help you. I dont always have time to eat healthy. So I went to the health food store to ask a friend of mine what would be something that I can take to fill into my diet. She recomended I try a green drink. I was like yuck. She  told me about earth's promise which taste like fruit. Here is a little blurb about the drink. Earth's Promise has 20 vitamin-rich ingredients - one glass provides the essential nutrients needed to enhance energy, support digestion and boost the immune system. High in potent antioxidants including green tea. More vegetables and fiber per serving than any leading super greens food.Gluten free and no sugar added
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Did you manage to try the Reliv Product for your diabetes? I love to find more about this product? Thanks
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There are less expensive supplements that may work just as well for you.  Did your doctor suggest taking a multivitamin, multimineral supplement?  You might want to check with him/her before taking something. Also, Reliv does contain 18 mg Iron, the RDA for women who are not yet at menopause.  Are you at risk of being iron deficient? Men and postmenopausal women who are not at risk of iron deficiency should take a multivitamin/mineral supplement without iron.
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I know some about Reliv and several other companies, if you'd like to know more and where (online) to look to check these companies out, let me know.
My email is [email protected]
I am a retired Home Economics teacher and spend hours looking up different companies, their founders, and their products.
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Reliv is definitely a product you would want to take. Your body would highly appreciate it as years go by. I have met many people with many different conditions. It has helped me too. Ive had many cyst and helped clear a new one that I was getting. It also helped with bad circulation. Take it. It will detoxicate your body talk to who ever spoke to you about this so you can start on the basic first and after that there is for bones, heart, digestion, women, men. But the basic clears the body of many things we put in it. It puts in what we need vitamins.
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Sorry, forgot to mention about diabetics. I know four people that are diabetic and are taking it. Yes! it has helped them they are very happy they found the product and so am I!
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You can always go to www.nutritionaltree.com.  They have reviews on many, many products.  They don't seem to be selling anything on this actual site--just offering reviews.  I've found it very helpful in the past.
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I don't have anything to gain by telling you this, but I would recommend the Reliv products. But don't just try them, be serious and take them everyday at least twice per day. The average "nutrition head" (and that includes me 17 years ago) just doesn't understand the difference between Reliv products and anything else out there. It is a perfectly balanced 1st ever patented formulation that is presented to the body in a readily available form in that if you were to hold it under your tongue you would begin absorbing it sublingually. It's designed to not only feed your body at the cellular level, but to cleanse the toxins naturally out of the body as well. This powerful 1-2 punch is why so many people are seeing their bodies respond and begin to go to work the way the body was made to. I like to say it gives you the best optimal chance at the most optimal health! I personally am severely hypoglycemic which is a precursor to diabetes, and for 17 years now, I don't suffer from that "low blood sugar shaking" and I am confident that I won't have to deal personally with diabetes as long as I'm keeping my body balanced nutritionally with the balanced Reliv products.
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In recent years, scientists have discovered that each of us have unique "genetically determined" body chemistries. Even small variations in your genes can have a profound influence on how well your body responds to food, physical activity, environmental pressures and how you may be predisposed to a wide variety of other important health and physiologic conditions. Based on over a decade of proprietary and patented scientific processes, the health and beauty industry is rapidly accelerating into the 21st century. You can have personalized solutions specifically designed to support YOUR body with the first comprehensive system of personalized nutritional supplements based on genetic testing that measures single nucleotide polymorphisms in your DNA. Check out this Fox News video on youtube.com http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQ9Pxp0Ea28
If you would like to learn more about the convergence of new technologies and personal healthcare please visit www.mygenewize.com/gwmartin.
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I am taking Reliv....have been for several months...
I introduced my parents to Reliv, who further introduced 4 others to the products.
I also introduced it to another young lady.

I experienced a couple symptoms at first ~ vertigo spells, tingling skin and fingers; for the first two weeks of taking the product....now I don't feel any weirdness....

My mom experienced water blisters in her mouth as a reaction from the products initially, but it stopped happening to her.

One of the people my parents introduced to the products experienced extreme facial flush and rashes from the products directly after taking the shakes that lasted up to two hours each time...she continued taking the product for over a month thinking that would go away, but it did not....so she tried to take less of the products or take them separate from each other (Reliv NOW, Innergize, and FibRestore) but still had these issues....so she quit.

Another person started experiencing severe stomach upset and diahrria, tried to take products in lesser amounts and such as well, but it didn't help and she's close to quitting now after 3 months of usage.

Another lady quit using after a couple months with no explanation and cannot be reached.

Someone II personally introduced to the products based off my testimonial, only ordered once and hasn't been back and hasn't responded to my trying to contact her.

A different lady my parents retailed the products to has reduced her consumption to just the Reliv NOW without FibRestore or Innergize and is on the verge of stopping altogether....

My question is this.  Does EVERYONE, or nearly everyone experience negative effects from these products?  
100% of us have had negative effects....and out of 7 people, only myself and my parents got over the side effects.  
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I have been taking Reliv products for a couple of months and love them. I was told that the first month on Reliv is a cleansing period for your body. The 2nd month is rebalancing period and the 3rd month your body will start to repair itself. There may be negative side effects during this time while your body is ridding itself of toxins. That is why Reliv distributors typically stay in close contact with customers. It allows them to help customers make adjustments to shake proportions to alleviate these problems. It sounds like these people did not have that kind of support and decided to quit taking the products on their own. That's really ashame because in just the little more than two months I have been taking Reliv my bone-on-bone arthritic knee no longer hurts everyday and my blood sugar has been stabilizing at lower levels despite overeating at July 4th celebration and having pizza for dinner last night.  
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I just started the Reliv line. My sister became a distributor. At first it was to help her out. Then I was recently told I needed hip replacement and I am only 49 yrs old. I was in shock, 49 and hip replacement? My doc said I could be 49 on pain meds and a cane. Well, at that point I thought I would give Reliv a try. I had other issues going on as well. 5-6 daily hot flashes a day, esophageal dismotility, ashma and allergies. I am on pain meds which kept me awake and sleeping meds to put me to sleep and neither do I like taking. I have to be in a lot of pain before I break down and take them. I can't take any anti inflammatories as they irritate my stomach. There has to be something different I can do.

So, I fugured I had nothing to lose. I started with the arthitis mix 1st for my hip. Now I am taking the Now and Energize. It has only been a month but the hot flashes are already gone. I know it's hard to believe. I have nothing to gain by telling my story. I just want you to know this helped. With that being said I will continue to use Reliv products and hope for future improvements. I think I deserve a chance to take care of the body I have been so hard on. At 49 I still have a 9 yr old son I need to raise, so anything that can help me be in the best health and to stay active and healthy, I will give it a shot.
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I highly recommend Reliv products all the way. I have tried lots of vitamins and minerals. My doctor prescribed many and I found out later that the pills were actually not digesting and “stacking up in my system”. It was not until they did an x-ray when I found this out because I would only have a bowl movement like once every few days. I also have hypothyroidism, & Polycyscticovariansyndrom (PCOS). Before taking the Reliv products I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, hyperglycemia, and anemia. I know have zero low sugar blood sugars, and I’m no longer type 2 diabetic. I was a total skeptic I went to a couple presentations and listened, I still didn’t believe that it could help me. I started taking the basic three and I tell you I will never stop taking RELIV. My health is worth a lot to me. ***@****
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I took it about 15 years back to help me through a kidney infection and stayed on it for several months. It was excellent nutrition. We stopped because of the cost, with 6 kids it was hard to budget it in. I would still have recommended it to anyone having serious or terminal illness though, because it really rebuilds the body and helps it fight infection.

We recently started back on it because of health issues. The first three weeks on I experienced a lot more detox this time than before, although my husband didn't seem to have the same experience. I felt sort of like I would on the tailend of having the flu or allergies - tired, headaches, mild sinus pressure. The first ten days were constant, but then it became transient.

Meanwhile though, my thinking felt clearer, my bowel movements became firm and daily and the cramping stopped, my urine stopped being dark, and I noticed my weight dropping, the gallbladder tenderness stopped, my aching ribs stopped, the heart palpations haven't been back. My husband is losing belly fat, he's down a belt notch, hia bowel movements firmed up, his persistent cough has lessened, and his face has color again, also he is sleeping better and his legs don't twitch as often in his sleep.

So, we started on Classic, added lunasin about a week later, and I'm going to try the Now & Provantage to help get more of our enzymes at healthy levels. In another month, after cleansing and rebuilding some, we are going to try the FIT purify to do more of a liver/body cleanse, then add Reverse age and Cardiosentials to heal our glands and get our hormones more balanced again.

At this point in life, I want to give our bodies an overhaul because we are starting to feel the effects of age, and we really want to keep enjoying a healthy life.

And, no I don't work for the company- I just know it really does work, and I'd rather buy something I know works that is designed to absorb optimally than invest in bottles of pills while trying to play nutritionist- which I've done in the past with mixed results.
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