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Was any of this ok(full post)?

Right, so from what I recall, for the last 3-4 years breakfast was just a laugh for me, excluding the summers, and days I overselpt well into school hours ,  it was VERY rare. From what I recall hearing then, not many people ate breakfast, so I assumed if others went without it, it wasn't abnormal to dismiss it, though I've always been aware that it's not a good thing.

Lunch is a similar thing, but only for the past 2.25 years (approximately). Near the end of my softmore year of highschool, I was told that I was no longer applicable for free lunch. So I had the application refilled, but apparently it never went through because I was denied later. Since then, my the last year or so, I just didn't eat lunch at school. This of course excludes the summers, missed school days, and weekends. I've never really felt starving during lunch hours, but I've never really thought of its impacts.

Dinners were normal, however, more so in the last 2 years, I would wake up late enough so that I would miss dinner preperation and any time to eat it(basically I would wake up and have to go to school almost immediatley). This was ever so often, and when it happened once, it would occur consecutively for a few days. When this occured, after arriving from school, I'd just eat a bunch of junk food, but have recently ate all the fruits/veggies I could; I'd also drink water if it was available. Another quick note, my family does a "Fastfood Friday," where dinner is some kind of fast food, and this has been a part of my diet since I was 8, at least.

Breakfast is still a laughable concept to me, and not eating lunch doesn't bother me still. However as I finish high school in the upcoming weeks, I'm pretty sure I'll change my diet. Just wondering if any of that was too detrimental. I've been a pretty skinny guy(generous saying for scrawny) my whole life, but I recently been gaining a little weight in my arms. I probably weigh no more than 125 lbs, guessing because I don't have a scale on me.
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Breakfast should be your biggest meal. By skipping breakfast your metabolism doesn't get started until lunch or dinner, and by then it's not working as well as it could. Your metabolism only gets slower, eating later in the day as a first meal will only make it slower
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