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Water Fasting

ok, I'm starting my 30 days of water fasting. I'm going to do it cold turkey. It's my first time and I've read a lot about this fasting on the net.

My questions are,
what can I do to curb my "hunger"?
and what should i take after the 30 days of water fasting? can i have yogurt after the fast?
How many days should i wait before taking in solid food again?
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By cutting out all nutrition, you are going to end up in the hospital more than help your weight.  You can't do this cold turkey.  There are better ways to diet than with just water, yes it does help, but you need nutrition as well.  Yogurt can help for dairy nutrition, but so can fruits and veggies,  My suggestion is to not eat junk food, that will help, but you need food to survive.  Just healthy food.  Please seek a doctor's medical advice before starting this and good luck.  
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What is your main purpose for fasting?
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Do you mean the lemon detox?  

2 tablespoons of freshly squeezed lemon
2 tablespoons of Organic or natural maple syrup
1/10th of a teaspoon of cayenne pepper
8 oz. of fresh spring water, hot or cold

I know many people who really, really find great relief emotionally and physically through this.  I've heard cold turkey can be difficult if you eat a diet high in preservatives.  If you eat a lot of junk food, do not go cold turkey.  You can actually put your body through shock if you are too full of toxins.  Let me know if you have any questions as I have a lot of info on this.
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