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Hello, I am a 30 year old female.  I am worried about my weight, I am approx. 5'5 1/2 and I weigh 120 lbs.  About 9 months ago I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted and had a horrible recovery where I couldn't eat anything solid for about 2 weeks.  Before then I weighed 130lbs and I am now at 120.  Everyone says how skinny I look and if I'm eating.  I do eat at least 3 meals a day and sometimes snacks in between.  My concern is that, is this a healthy weight for my height?  And how can I get back to my previous weight a healthy way? My weight was always steady and I felt more comfortable at 130. I know this must sound crazy with today's world where people are trying to lose weight but I am having a problem gaining weight. Any suggestions?  Thanks.
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wondering if anyone has a comment for me?
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I am a 5'6 male and weigh 120lbs it is a healthy weight by all means and isn't anything you should worry about. I am guessing with you dropping 10 pounds you probably lost some of your figure and want to get it back.

The hard part about gaining weight for some people is that our bodies have a set ideal body weight and yours is now set at 120lbs. I myself am 20 years old and have weighed the same since I was 16.

The only way to gain weight is to consume excess calories every single day for a couple of months. Make sure though that you are getting some benefit from the excess food and not eating cake or doughnuts.

Being underweight without a mental disorder is rarely talked about in the medical community because most people see it as being healthy.

I would just google underweight and see what comes up.
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I have same problem just like you. I have tried medicine and it was quite helpful.
I have tried xenical for this. http://www.epsdrugstore.com/weight-loss-xenical.htm
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Now that I am over 60 any weight I lose makes me flabby especially my upper arms and thighs. I look fine in clothes but horrible in a swimsuit.  I have tried every exercise including weight training. Do I have to accept a wrinkly ugly body in exchange for being a healthy weight. And no I can't afford plastic surgery.
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Hey skinnyminnie, I too am having the same problem gaining weight. What I've been told is to eat at least 3,000 calories or more a day to gain the weight that I want. Eating small meals or snacks every hour or two really helped me get back up to my weight. So kind of like always having food in your stomach. Not getting to full in order to be hungry again and not to little that your still hungry hungry. I hope this helped!
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