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Weight loss

Hello. I am a 30 year old female, 2 kids. In the past month or so, I have have had weight loss of about 8/9 pounds. I have not been actively trying to lose weight, but I will say I had a baby 3.5 months ago so probably should. However, the fact that it is unexplained makes me nervous. In addition to the unexplained weight loss I have had frequent bowel movements, brittle hair, have a pretty constant urge to urinate. Have random pains in places. I was diagnosed w/ postpartum axiety when i first had my son...but have been much better..not taking meds anymore. however, i do have a lot going on with working full time, a 16 mth old, a 3 mth old, job pay cuts, we are trying to sell our house to move to another. could all of this be due to anxiety, or do you think there may be a deeper issue here?!?
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Anxiety is a stress on the body and can play a role in physical issues occurring. I suggest you go to your doctor to get checked and run blood work to treat what is occurring due to the weight loss, and frequent urinating. Meanwhile suggest eating 5-6 small meals daily and eat healthy foods with a protein source at each meal (meat, fish, dairy, or nuts). Hoped this helped you.
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