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What home remedies were effective in treating symptoms of food poisoning?

Home care for mild to moderate bacterial and viral food poisoning is mainly preventing dehydration. Fluid replacement by mouth using a combination of water and electrolyte solutions like Gatorade or Pedialyte is usually enough to avoid dehydration as long as enough is taken to replace the amount lost through diarrhea. Infrequent or rare causes of food poisoning should be treated by a doctor or a specialist; this should also be done in severe viral and bacterial food poisonings.
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Early on if your stomach rebels and you know something you ate was bad, a couple of capsules of charcoal helps. It absorbs the poisons. Once it gets into the gut, it is too late for charcoal. Then eat probiotics to repopulate the gut with good bacteria that the diarrhea has stripped away. Clear fluids and soda crackers for the first 24 hours and then the BRAT diet, but in moderation. Give your innards a chance to heal.
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I can't understand why everybody doesn't know this yet, I have had the worst food poisoning I have ever heard of and after 3 days of throwing up and having diarrhea, I finally spoke with my mom who told me to try plain white yogurt. 30 minutes later I could actually sit up and within an hour I was almost normal. Since then every time a friend has symptoms I tell them to eat yogurt and in every case they were better within an hour. I can't say it enough. It's the only cure! PLAIN YOGURT. Just make sure it says "live and active culture" on the label.
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I just got food poisoning from potato salad at a salad bar. When I finally figured out that it was food poisoning after the cramping got severe, I made myself throw up and am feeling 90% better. I topped it off with two aspirin and I am ready to sleep like a baby.
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A dose of Phenerghan really helps with the nausea
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I was flying from OAK to Terceira and my flight was cancelled, the airlines gave us a voucher to stay at an ECONO LODGE of all places at the Oakland airport, and asked us to eat at the restaurant next to motel and they would reimburse us after.  The  only restaurant next door was INDIAN food restaurant, I have eaten it before at other places love it an fever got sick.  They had a buffet and so I set and had my dinner there. A short time after I left there I began to feel sick , weak , its like morning sickness that has not gone away yet.  I do not throw up or have diarrhea otherwise I would of gone to an emergency , at this time I have gotten to the Island and since we don't have a hospital here and capable medical assistance I am praying this horrible feeling goes away soon, I try to sleep so that I don't have to be aware of this feeling women will know what it is to have a continues "morning sickness" feeling, NOT pleasant, hope it goes away soon.
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Mostly time only helps with getting over food poisoning. For the first two days, I threw up everything I put in my mouth. I just lay on the couch, vomiting into a pail. The third day, I started being able to keep down small amounts of clear liquids, though I did eat a piece of dry toast, which I vomited up. The fourth day, I stopped throwing up, though it was over a week before I could eat normally again.
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