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What is the best product to buy when looking for detoxification/cleansing products?

I have recently heard a lot about detoxification/cleansing products that help restore balance to your colon. Such products claim to get rid of toxins in  your body and clean up your colon. They also claim to help reduce stress, weight loss, raise energy levels, as well as offering many more benefits. I was wondering one, if these products really do provide the benefits that they claim?   Two, which is the best product to go with? And three, what ingreidents should I look for when purchasing one of these products?
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It is not necessary to use these products if you are moving your bowels on a regular basis. If you are consuming daily fruits, vegetables, and high fiber foods, then your colon is moving out all wastes and no toxics are building up. This is the most natural way to help your body get the nutrients it needs and help your colon.
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