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What should I do about Kidney Stones?

After being diagnosed with a kidney stones of 3mm more than a week ago, I still haven't passed it  but I passed 7 other stones a little bit smaller.  I keep them all. My right side of back, my abdomen and grion hurt still even with the pain meds prescribed to me. Why is it taking so long to pass?
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Some supplements and some changes to your diet. Some nutrients you need to add and others to limit. Vitamin A (not betacarotene) helps the function of the urinary tract, If you're deficient in it sometimes you will form kidney stones.You’ll find vitamin A in most good  multiple vitamin and mineral supplements. Magnesium helps dissolve calcium. Harvard researchers found that taking magnesium along with vitamin B6 can reduce calcium oxalate stone formation. Try to increase Your fiber in your diet, such as root vegetables, and to cut back on how much meat you eat. Sugar and salt can also increase the excretion of both calcium and oxalate in the urine, since you seem to form kidney stones, you should limit, or try completely eliminate, sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet, and cut back a on salt. limiting your intake of meat, sugar, salt, and fruit juice. Try increasing dietary fiber, and include 10,000 units of vitamin A, 300 milligrams of magnesium citrate, and 100 milligrams of vitamin B6 every day.

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There's a product called Stone Free by Planetary Herbals.  Basically the main herb is called gravel root, and it can help pass stones.  Might want to discuss if this is safe with whatever your doc is doing for you.  I believe the above post refers more to preventing stones from forming, not ridding those that are already formed.  Good luck, and as they say, this too shall pass.
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Thanks guys for the great feed back. I will try everything necessary to get rid and prevent these painful buggers from forming again.  I have had 4 strokes, first one at the healthy age of 32, and I am 35 now, broken back and other medical problems.  I don't need any more pain.
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