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Why do I feel sick while looking at smelling food?

I started a ketogenic diet about a week ago and it was going very well. I was keeping track of what I ate and lost about 6 pounds within that week.

I started to crave some bad snacks like cookies and pizza so I looked up how to make some keto friendly types. My mom showed me that we had coconut flower and when she brought it out some powder puffed out and I got a sniff of it. It was an okay scent but since then I absolutely hate the smell and whenever I think of eating anything I am grossed out by every type of food.

I’ve recently started to get feeling of throwing up at random times.

Another thing that’s very weird is my mouth feel very gross. It always tastes bad even after I brush my teeth. Water constantly tastes like I’m drinking it with morning breath.
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Fad diets don't necessarily supply us with the nutrients we need.  They are short-term fixes for a long-term problem.  Have no idea what's happening with you, but it could be what you're eating is lacking something you need -- sometimes people who lack certain nutrients get weird cravings and odd reactions.  Could also just be something completely different, could even be something psychological, as that could also be a factor in why you need to be on a diet in the first place.  There's no loss in not eating coconut, by the way -- very high in saturated fat and not all that high in nutritional value, though it does have a few antioxidants in it.  It's a fad.  I'm guessing in the end we'll find the coconut industry behind the very odd fixation on it all of a sudden.
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the keto diet is a great way to lose weight, but it will leave your body lacking in nutrients. I wouldn't try making a "keto cookie" with coconut flour, but just keep to your diet and give yourself a reward on the weekends. I found some great treats at Trader Joes and Sprouts that are within the diets guidelines that are great for everyday (dark chocolates, protein bread that has almost no carbs, keto friendly pizza!).

you probably feel like throwing up because your body is lacking something. I would also suggest taking vitamins
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